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The Best Virtual Travel Places By Pictures and Videos Around The World

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1. We spent the day paddling along the tropical looking shores of Lake Tahoe. The water was absolutely freezing but it was kind of refreshing in the hot sun

From @emmett_sparling

2. An epic drone shot at High Steel Bridge 375 feet over the Skokomish River

From @withluke

3. Gunga Beach is one of the most visited destinations in Maceió. With long stretches of white sand, warm, crystal clear waters full of fish, and high palm trees make the beach landscape even more stunning! You don’t need a drone at this epic viewpoint

From @vazaonde

4. Friday is coming guys, sending you a good vibe at Møre og Romsdal

From @gossegoss

5. Dance like there is no tomorrow, how cool is this church in Uyama in the Yucatán?

From @travelwithadrien

6. Just a highland cow doing it's thing in the misty mornings, The breed originates in the Scottish Highlands and the Outer Hebrides islands of Scotland and has long horns and a super long shaggy coat

From @_nickbanis

7. The beaches on Kauai, Hawaii are spectacular, Nothing better than being outside on the weekend

From @vincelimphoto

8. First light on Kualoa, Oahu, Hawaii. There was no wind that day making the pond a mirror, and the tide was so low I could see the sand and reef below

From @vincelimphoto

9. Flying High in Arecibo, just too beautiful to stay

From @carlosomillan

10. This place was absolutely insane! Do yourself a favor and get out there. At Kennedy Range National Park

From @imlukemackenzie

11. Waterfalling love, enjoy the nature sound

From @kirbys20

12. Drone shots from the Azores, just too beautiful. What a crazy adventure this was

From @johan_drone_adventures

13. You ever just wanna take a roller coaster through some of the most beautiful mountain?

From @warnerscorner

14. A dog walking, children playing, people more or less busy, ... This was Burano

From @selipix

15. Adventure mood: ON. Enjoy the best tropical paradise time

From @ricardeateste

16. Absolutely stoked about that scenery, got the prefect conditions at the Gosausee in Austria

From @viewsbykevin

17. West coast sunsets. You’re sitting on this cliff perched above the sea watching the sky unfold

From @dgsc

18. This must be the most beautiful beach we've seen on our trip! Just look at that perfect white sand and the blue water spiraling inwards

From @johan_drone_adventures

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