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Virtual Travel Bucket Place Destinations

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1. Ever heard of a potato? ⁠At Chile

Of course you have. Well, the common spud actually traces its origin to a peanut-shaped island off the coast of northern Patagonia, Chile.⁠

Isla Grande de Chiloé is South America's fifth-largest island and is home to a fiercely independent, seafaring people. Culinary travel based around the island’s prismatic native potatoes thrives in the island’s capital, Castro, which is also known for its colorful stilt homes.⁠

Visit here and the first thing you will notice is the differences in architecture and cuisine. Dig a little deeper and a rich spiritual culture that is based on a distinctive mythology of witchcraft, ghost ships and forest gnomes is revealed.⁠

From TT

2. When is the best time to visit US and Canada's national parks?⁠ At Banff National Park

We conducted a thorough analysis of Lonely Planet’s guides to the most visited, best-known parks in both countries to answer that very question, and the results came as a bit of a surprise: ⁠

From Acadia and Arches to Yellowstone and Yosemite, October is the month we recommend most often. ⁠⁠

October is the best month to visit the national parks.

From TT

3. When your crush looks your way... quick, act natural. How adorable is this seal?

Located in Pieterburen, Netherlands, the Seal Rehabilitation and Research Centre rescues and helps seals that are ill, weak, or beached. The number of animals in the Seal Center always differs—once these sick, injured, or orphaned seals are taken care of and have recovered, the animals are released into the wild again. A visit to this center makes an interesting day for people of all ages! You can learn about the problems that affect seals and see what the center does to help them. Bookmark this and tag someone who would love to visit

From @zeehondencentrum

4. Soaking up paradise, Explore the underwater world by scuba diving in its many islands in Bahamas

From @matt.venturing

5. A moment of gratitude in Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA.

Sunsets, with their heartbreakingly ephemeral quality, have the ability to give us the most vivid and special memories. This was shot at Clearwater Beach, a sought-after beach in Florida that's well-loved by its stretch of soft, white sand and countless activities. All year-round, you can go jet-skiing, parasailing, and stand-up paddleboarding on its beautiful and tranquil waters. Not to mention that it boasts incredible sunsets, too

From @vugar.gozalov

6. Sunny days in the beautiful Waikuri Lagoon, West Sumba, Indonesia

If you're feeling down, remember that there are wonderful places you've yet to visit, lovely people you've yet to meet, and incredible moments you've yet to live out, Known as one of the most iconic spots of West Sumba in Indonesia, the Weekuri Lagoon is a magical spot with stunning aquamarine waters you can take a dip in. Here you can spend hours sunbathing, basking in breathtaking surroundings, and making timeless memories you'll never forget

From @faisalmuhammadz

7. Enjoy the beach vibes with friends, at Bahamas

From @matt.venturing

8. This psychedelic kelp forest is way too hypnotic

"I was mesmerized by the kelp forests of Eland's Bay, as they shimmered in and out of view in the cloudy green surf. Eland's Bay is a beach town along South Africa's Atlantic coast, frequented by surfers, dolphins, and sea birds." If this mesmerizing sight can only be witnessed from an overhead perspective, imagine all the things we can't see at eye level!

From @skypacking

9. In love with magical autumn adventure in Dombai, a mountainous territory located in the region of North Caucasus tucked in southwestern Russia

Boasting striking natural landscapes and incredible foliage in shades of orange, red, and yellow, Dombai becomes an absolute dream during the season of autumn. A place of freedom and romance, it offers mountains, lakes, waterfalls, gorges, and caves that you can explore with your loved ones. Would you like to go here during autumn? What's the best place you've been to in this glorious season?

From @lera_volkovaaaa

10. Take a dip with friendly sharks! And fish friends

From @matt.venturing

11. Enjoying views of the Indian Ocean, right at the edge of the Uluwatu cliffs. Would you swim on the edge of this pool?

From swanky luxury stays, charming private villas, surf camps, cool hostels, and humble homestays, Bali will leave you spoiled for choice with its vast range of accommodations. No matter your budget, style, or preference, you'll surely find the perfect accommodation here that will suit your personality. What's been your most memorable stay in Bali and why?

From @dan_a_t

12. Take those pig friends go out and explore the islands

With around 700 beautiful islands of rich seas and stretches of powdery sand, the Bahamas is a beach lover’s dream

From @matt.venturing

13. Cloud surfing at Washington State, USA. What would be your reaction if you looked up in the sky and saw this?

Ocean Shores in Washington State is a small coastal city that's known for its long Pacific beach and fresh seafood. Going here with your friends, family, significant other—or even going solo—is a whole lot of fun. From skydiving, watersports, horseback riding, bird watching, dining, to arcade thrills, there's plenty of things to do here. Only being about 2.5-hour drive from Seattle, it's the perfect weekend getaway, too! Tag someone you direly need to go out of town with

From  @dane__jah via @broseborough

14. Keep calm and keep swimming, new friend we meet today at Bahamas

From @matt.venturing

15. A real-life prince charming, Hats off to this lovely little gentleman spotted in the Magic Kingdom Park in Orlando, Florida

A theme park located at Walt Disney World Resort, the Magic Kingdom Park features classic attractions, enchanting fireworks, musical parades, and Disney Characters. Young or old, you'll surely enjoy the magic of this incredible place. Did this brighten your day?

From @vanessaguedert

16. Go island hopping and enjoy in its uniquely beautiful beaches at Bahamas

From @matt.venturing

17. Underwater dreaming at Alaska

It’s very rare to find lakes this clear in Alaska because most are ridden with silt and dust particles from mountain glaciers. Take a moment to enjoy the clear waters of this stunning remote lake located in Valdez, a city in this incredible US state. Majestic, extreme, and uncharted are some of the words to describe Alaska, and with landscapes so surreal and diverse, it's easy to see why it's called "Mother Nature's Showcase".

From @johnderting

18. Romance in the air at Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, the world-famous capital of the Netherlands, has plenty of things to fall in love with. From its historic buildings, beautiful museums, picture-perfect canals, and café culture, every nook and corner brims with inspiration. Do you prefer exploring Amsterdam during the night or in the day, and what makes it your choice?

From @simon.mascia

19. Take a sunset dip at tropical paradise, the Bahamas

From @matt.venturing

20. This perfect moment at Puerto Madryn, Argentina

is the kind that makes you focus on living in the present and forget about everything else. This curious majestic whale is similar to a puppy looking to play, only much bigger. This was shot in Puerto Madryn, an Argentinan city on the Atlantic coast of northern Patagonia. Whether you're searching for marine wildlife or a relaxing day at the beach, you can surely find it here. Moreover, it's lovingly known as the country's “Capital of Scuba Diving,” as it's an outstanding destination for diving and snorkeling

From @maxijonas

21. Enjoy the diving vibes, at Bahamas

From @matt.venturing

22. 7 am sunrise in none other than the glorious seas of the French Riviera. Would you wake up early to hop on a jetski for sunrise?

Known for its glamour, beauty, and elegance, the French Riviera (Côte d'Azur in French) has a whole host of places to explore throughout the seasons. From basking in sun-drenched days at Cannes to devouring fresh seafood in Nice, immersing in the majestic southern coast of France will surely create timeless memories.

From @nico.scoo

23. Take a dip in Dean's blue hole, and don't forget discover the famous Thunderball Grotto

From @matt.venturing

24. Hanging by the beach and these beautiful horses. Would you want to spend sun-soaked days here, too?

This tropical hideaway is located in Sumba, an island in eastern Indonesia that's less famous than its popular island counterparts but is no less noteworthy. A favorite of surfers and adventurers, this gem is surprisingly only an hour's flight away from Bali

From @agirlwhoblooms

25. What a beautiful burning sunset, 2 sides of the sun

From @matt.venturing


27. Cue the weekend

We might not be able to dance with the waves in Tenerife but we can celebrate the fact that travel is slowly coming back

From @lewis_beards


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