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Virtual Travel Around The Amazing Switzerland

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1. A magnificent sunset, reflected perfectly in the water: Lake Cresta is quite simply beautiful

From  @pixelphil_ 

2. The mountain inn Aescher, the Alpstein and the Seealpsee lake… Appenzellerland is simply magnificent

From @appenzellerland

3. Behind every Swiss mountain, a lake is hiding. This is just the kind of impressive natural spectacle you can expect from the Glarus region

From @aventouro

4. Here are some cows serenely grazing and enjoying the view over Lake Thun and the Niesen

From @o_penyourmind

5. Who would like to sleep here? The Muttsee lake in the heart of the Glarus Alps is a real little corner of paradise

From  @aventouro

6. The picturesque village of Gandria, No matter the angle or the lighting, this place continues to be absolutely magnificent

From @travelover.pl

7. Careful of the bends in the road! The Tremola route between Uri is simple amazing

From @ferienregionuri

8. Make the most of the first signs of summer in a Mediterranean atmosphere. Lugano is the ideal place to do just that

From @evyinswitzerland

9. Even the cows are enjoying cooling off a little... the magnificent Seealpsee lake is a real little corner of paradise in the heart of the Appenzell

From @timulrich.pix

10. Get up high in the Swiss mountains… and you’ll be rewarded with stunning panoramic views, just like here near Hohgant in the Bernese Oberland

From @mountainlover_mm

11. A little summer feeling in the beautiful Arosa region

From @graubuenden

12. Swiss nature in its purest form… set between green meadows and mountains, Adelboden is incredibly beautiful

From @eatsnorexplore

13. Sound on, Enjoy the refreshing sound of the Viamala Gorge

From @graubuenden

14. We love the simple beauty of a field of daffodils just as much as the sun setting over Lake Léman, Caux 

From @christofs70

15. Wait for it... when the sun illuminates the magnificent Chäserrugg

From @toggenburg_swiss

16. Magical Iseltwald and the turquoise-blue waters of Lake Brienz. A panorama to take your breath away

From @mario.cafiso

17. Lake, parks and old town: we love this lovely summer atmosphere in the beautiful city of Geneva

From @genevatourism

18. The magnificent Lauterbrunnen Valley, never fails to amaze us with its varied landscape! A fantastic place

From @eintravelgirl

19. Be fascinated by the beauty of the medieval village of Gruyères. With the view over the Moléson, the place is even more magical

From @themodernleper

20. Get up high and admire the breathtaking view over the lake and city of Lucerne

From @cabrio.stanserhorn.

21. An idyllic location in the heart of the Swiss Ticino Alps: Lavertezzo and its rustic houses is one of the most picturesque villages at Lavertezzo, Switzerland

From @reiselicious

22. A view typical of Switzerland! Who would like to take a trip here? The Landwasser Viaduct in Graubünden is a favourite of train enthusiasts and amateur photographers

From @marc.hennige

23. Admired its stunning mountain scenery at Grindelwald, Switzerland. Switzerland was a mind-blowingly beautiful place to explore

From @calsnape

24. The perfect sunset... the old town of Bern looks absolutely majestic in the warm evening sun

From @yannikbuholzer

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  • Leonard Zannini on

    This was always my favorite country in the world, but after seeing these beautiful photos, there is no question about it now. Some day, I may return to this magnificent place and spend much more time taking in these wonderful sites.

  • Bea on

    Super foty, krótkie i zwięzłe opisy zachętą do wycieczki w szwajcarskie Alpy. Bardzo mi się podoba! 👋👌👍

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