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Virtual Trips Travel Around This Wonderful World

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1. Look who I just meet today, at Hawaii, the lonely turtle swimming around at under the beautiful water

From  @nashhagen

2. Hanging out with a friendly giant in Giraffe Manor, Nairobi, Kenya, a destination known for its beautiful national parks and diverse wildlife. Set in the Langata suburb of Nairobi and shot in Giraffe Manor, this incredible footage shows the inquisitive nature of these beautiful and gentle giants. Giraffes live primarily in savanna areas in the sub-Saharan region of Africa and are known to be friendly and social animals by nature. Have you ever seen a giraffe in real life and would you love to visit Kenya?

From @inagallardo_adamand & @venelin_k

3. A surreal experience flying above Black Rock City, Nevada, USA, the temporary metropolis of the famous Burning Man event in Nevada. Have you ever attended Burning Man?

From @alexmedina.productions

4. The amazing sunset at Hawaii

From  @nashhagen

5. Taking a peek at glorious view in Lake Pukaki, New Zealand. Parked at Lake Pukaki, this spot proudly shows off Mt. Cook, the country's tallest peak and permanently snow-clad mountain. Known for its distinctive turquoise color, Lake Pukaki is the largest lake occupying the ancient glacial valleys in the Mackenzie Basin. The destination is one of New Zealand's most iconic and popular tourist spots, offering mind-blowing views of the surrounding mountainscapes and its lake's unreal shade of blue

From @lilia_rt

6. Bathing at a palm tree in the middle of the beautiful blue water in Hawaii is something very special

From @nashhagen

7. Jet skiing our way through Lake Powell, Utah & Arizona, USA. Lake Powell is a man-made reservoir that's perfect for sightseeing, hiking, camping, and boating. Featuring dramatic landscapes of massive red cliffs, it's part of the Colorado River in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area and straddles northern Arizona and southern Utah

From @the_mt_gallery

8. Incredible adventure at the Sar Pass Trek, Himachal, India, a moderately challenging trek in the Parvati Valley of Himachal Pradesh that's a great introduction to high altitude trekking. Best visited from May to October, Sar Pass features snow-capped mountains, perennial streams, fresh waterfalls, and lush green forests. With an altitude of 14000 ft, it's a destination that will definitely give you a shift in perspective

From @acornertodiscover

9. Beautiful pink sunset aerial view at Kauai beach, have you ever been here?

From @nashhagen

10. Surf's up in Norway's Vosso River, a destination that's home to the legendary Bulken Wave. Located on the west coast of Norway and about 80 kilometers east of Bergen, the Vosso River features the famous Bulken Wave, a glassy river wave that offers the most unique surfing experience in the Norwegian countryside

From @antonsaeten & @bjornarsaeten

11. A once-in-a-lifetime experience at Fagradalsfjall, Iceland. From this unique vantage point, these superb shots of the Fagradalsfjall boiling and spewing lava are humbling and awe-inspiring at the same time. How stunning is this?

From @michaeldbliss

12. Taking a dip at Lac Bleu, Arolla, Switzerland, a stunning mountain lake known for its vivid turquoise waters—the color of which is caused by the combination of algae and glacial clay. There are several picnic tables around the lake, making the destination ideal for a quick nature getaway. Though the body of water is small, it's nonetheless superb, attracting adventure seekers of all kinds. Whether you visit during the summer or winter, you'll surely be blown away by the landscape's beauty

From @lorenz.weisse & @_fabiozingg

13. Commonly referred to as “Fuji-san,” Mount Fuji is the country’s tallest peak with a formidable height of 3,776 meters. A revered pilgrimage site for centuries, the mountain has temples and shrines located on it and within its vicinity

From  @withluke

14. Leisurely roaming around the Scottish Highlands, Scotland. Offering blissful seclusion and majestic scenery, this northern part of Scotland is a favorite of outdoorsy travelers and photographers. Notably, it has no shortage of beautiful castles, dramatic landscapes, and tranquil areas where you can achieve genuine solitude

From @theslowtraveler

15. The miraculous nature of Maui from above, look at the rainbow far

From @nashhagen

16. Coastline in the sunny city of Bodrum, Muğla, Turkey. Located on the southern coast of Turkey, this vibrant district juts out to the Aegean sea and is the perfect setting for an invigorating getaway. Even if it's a major summer hotspot, Bodrum offers warm weather all year round, making it an ideal vacation for those who love balmy days by the sea, fresh cuisine, and a rich cultural scene. Offering a mix of lively areas and hidden corners, this gem in Turkey has something to offer for everybody

From @bugunnereyegidelim

17. Floating at the beautiful blue water between the rocks at Kauai, Hawaii, how beautiful is this

From @nashhagen

18. An epic view to wake up at Inyo National Forest, California, USA. This glorious scenery can be found at the Inyo National Forest tucked in California's beautiful Eastern Sierra. The name "Inyo" comes from a Native American word, which means "dwelling place of the great spirit." The forest is home to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, which features the oldest living trees in the world. If you'd love to explore the forest, you may go camping, picnicking, and hiking in the area, among other recreational activities

From @julietpisner

19. Marveling awe-inspiring captures of Mt. Fuji, one of the most iconic landmarks of Japan known for its graceful conical form. Been in my bucket list to climb Mt Fuji

From @withluke

20. Dive deep under the blue water of Oahu, how beautiful is this

From @nashhagen

21. How adorable is this duo? At Perth, Australia, this incredible footage shows a dolphin calf taking interest in Deez the dog, even showing off its moves while riding a bow wave. The pristine waters of Perth are home to some incredible marine wildlife, including dolphins, sea lions, penguins, tropical fish, and turtles. Dolphin encounters are quite common here, always brightening the days of onlookers for their playfulness and intelligence

From @dylan.dehaas

22. Adventures over Annecy Lake is always a fun time. At Annecy Lake, Haute-Savoie, France, you can enjoy the pleasure of an unforgettable paragliding flight with exceptional mountain scenery. A free-flyer's paradise, the destination is arguably the Alps’ most popular flying area and it's easy to see why with its invigorating landscapes

From @theoadb & @elkeke.p

23. The beautiful purple with pink sunset at Hawaii is different from the other places

From @nashhagen

24. When the Seine River floods a different side to Paris that's not often seen, at Seine, France, Paris. Every year, usually during the winter months of January to February, the Seine River in Paris tends to flood and is considered a norm for locals, causing the city to close a few tunnels and walking paths along the banks. Here are a few snippets of what it's like in Paris during these showery periods

From @julie.inparis

25. The amazing mixing between purple, pink sky, white sand and blue water, at Hawaii

From @nashhagen

26. Midnight sun magic in Senja, Norway, check out this glorious adventures where the sun doesn't set. Usually occurring in the Senja region from the end of May 'til the end of July, the sublime "midnight sun" is an experience you won't forget. A natural phenomenon in the Arctic Circle and Antarctic Circle, the midnight sun occurs during the height of summer. During this period, you can see the sun at the local time of midnight, which means it never gets dark

From @seffis & @jonathan_priskorn

27. Walking through a garden of purple hydrangeas at Seogwipo-si, Jeju Island, South Korea. Hydrangeas can be found in full bloom during the summer months in Jeju Island, creating pockets of fairytale-like scenery. Whatever the season may be, Jeju Island is a sought-after destination for its stunning beaches and relaxed atmosphere. But if you'd like to spot hydrangeas blossoming, it's best to visit from June to July when chances are extremely high. During this time, visitors and locals alike can enjoy hydrangeas in shades of blue, purple, and pink

From @hi_jin0_

28. Amazing dive deep moment at Kauai Hawaii, the dream of any couple to this tropical paradise

From @nashhagen

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