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KingdomOfCat Admin

1. No wonder this is the most photographed spice shop in Marrakech...

From @travelwithadrien

2. In the heart of Grindelwald village, the elegant hotel Belvedere offers great panoramic views of the Eiger mountain

From @juliagal_

3. This is how you can travel Bali on a budget

From @travelwithjaro

4. Built and Designed some incredible craftsmanship

From @jameslloydcole @sophiegardner

5. The serene energy we needed shot in the Martha Brae River, Jamaica

From @afro_child

6. The first day of winter didn’t disappoint with this stunner of a sunrise with mist coming off the water

From @josh_burkinshaw

7. Getting soaked in Universal Studios Orlando, the perfect way to cool off in the heat of summer

From @themepark_explorers

8. Bloomin' marvellous, it's floral installation of an Emirates A380 made from over 5 million flowers

From @lostmagpie

9. Famous for its iconic canals and endless cycle paths, Amsterdam is a dream for those who enjoy cycling for leisure

From @arden_nl

10. Rise and shine, it's World Oceans Day, celebrate it at Hawaii

From @dolphin808m913

11. Relaxing at the mountainous region of Adjara in Georgia

From @dumbadzemagda_

12. The most perfect day in the Bahamas

From @jacobtpatterson

13. The breathtaking coastline of Kommos Beach is tucked in the south of Crete, and is known for its long and sandy shore

From @hannahliza

14. Base jumping at Australia's rugged landscapes

From @_jaredanderson_

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