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We Will Bring Switzerland to You

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1. There’s no better camping spot than this.

From @carina_kerscher

2. Who would you invite to stay at this amazing hotel at Switzerland?

From @neil.travel

3. Those beautiful summer colors never ceases to blow my mind.

From @gezimo.ch

4. One of the most beautiful hotel in Switzerland

From @neil.travel

5. The beauty of the Swiss Alps, best place in the world

From @isvicrede.birturk

6. The beauty of the Swiss countryside.

From @switzerland_by_marc

7. An ocean of dandelions in Alpstein. Fairytale world, so beautiful

From @life_of_fab27

8. Brienz is always so mesmerizing. Who would you like to invite to a boat ride here?

From @almusafer009

9. From 1 to 10 how would you rate this view from Mürren.

From @amir_asani13

10. There’s such a calmness that radiates from this place.

From @michelphotographych

11. Lungern and those amazing color hues.

From @Islandboy18

12. The valley of the 72 waterfalls, Lautenbrunnen. Never get tired of that view

From @almusafer009

13. The special smell of herbs in the air. So specific. So good. All the flowers on the alps join in.

From @swissmountainview

14. Rain days are always so beautiful in Meiringen

From @michelphotographych

15. Ticino has swings with beautiful views.

From @p.a.t.r.i.z.i.a.88

16. The natural beauty of Lausanne, Switzerland

From @thelausanner

17. Sound on for the peaceful sound. Stunning waterfall in the Swiss Alps

From @switzerland_by_marc

18. Switzerland or the Maldives anyone? According to research, these planes are only allowed to fly on a few weekends a year

From @switzerland_by_marc

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