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Virtual Travel Videos Around Norway and Australia

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1. Sail into the beginning of your week with days like this, at Fraser Coast. 

From @kyle_hunter & @haylsa

2. Some nights just takes time to grasp. This just happened! Unreal. I just wanted to dive into the ocean of clouds. Magical moments in Vesterålen, Norway

From @lundeimages @johnsine

3. Welcome to one of the most beautiful places in Norway. Steigen in North of Norway is an undiscovered pearl that is one of Lofoten’s closest neighbors - have you heard about this place before?!

From @eliasandkajsa

4. And this is how we do in Bowen, Queensland. An hour’s drive from Airlie Beach will have you soaking in these laid back tropical vibes in no time!

From @bowentourism

5. Waking up on top of the world at Bakkanosi, Nærøyfjorden in Norway

From @vebjornrullestad

6. The epic landscape of Norway, Hiking at Preikestolen is something different

From @malteheitmueller

7. Just an another peaceful day at Refviksanden in Norway

From @torkelbrekke

8. Fantastic nature down the Rauma river in Åndalsnes, Møre og Romsdal

From @stokke.thomas

9. An adorable Koala couple at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

From @Lonepinekoala

10. Summer by Oldevatnet

From @richardlarssen

11. Skageflå, Geiranger Fjord, it doesn’t get more than this

From @settemsdal

12. They say life is about the journey not the destination, but why not have both? This island can only access by plane, you can fly around Southern Great Barrier Reef

From @ladyelliotislandecoresort

13. Look at this place, Summer in Lofoten is incredible

From @reneringnes

14. Grab your sunglasses, sunscreen, hats and fully charged phones and start imagining days like this at Queensland. While you count the days until you visit, dream about the private beaches, hidden coves, refreshing crystal-clear water and so much more all located off the coast of Yeppoon

From @keppelexplorer

15. Those amazing idyllic islands in Whitsundays, Queenland.

From @awolfamily

16. Dive deep with new friend at an island, at Lady Elliot Island

From ladyelliotislandecoresort

17. 28 ways to spend your day in Queensland, and so much more to explore in all of Queensland especially

From TT

18. These lucky guests experienced this curious Humpback Whale peeking out of the water to say hello. Their annual vacay has begun as we see whales migrate to warmer waters along the Queensland coastline from now through to November

From @destinationgoldcoas

19. We wouldn't mind lunch stops like this, at one of the most picturesque and accessible waterfalls in tropical North Queensland, Millaa Millaa Falls is incredibly gorgeous

From @luke.travels.the.world

20. Yes, we’d like a pool like this please, at Queensland. This all inclusive island resort leaves you wanting nothing… apart from maybe a longer holiday

From @jamesvodicka

21. We don't know about you, but we’d trade sandy highways any day of the week, at Great Beach Drive, in Cooloola Recreation Area, Great Sandy National Park

From @ashleydobson

22. Geiranger summer vibe, how lovely view is this

From @martahupalo

23. When the boys went out for a day on the water in The Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia. How amazing whale watching tour is this

From @warrior.5060

24. The beautiful farm Segestad with a view of Oppstrynsvatnet, you can see some chickens and cows from that farm

From @frank.dahl

25. Summer vibes from Bowen, Queensland. An hour’s drive from Airlie Beach will have you soaking in these laid back tropical vibes in no time

From @bowentourism

26. Hiking in Finneskua, Northern Norway, who would you hike this amazing landscape with?

From @kristianstorerud

27. When was the last time you turned it down a notch & enjoyed a long, leisurely soak in a bathtub?

From  @bigredvan_au, @alittleatlarge

28. These lil guys are very shy, the platypus at Eungulla National Park are honestly some of the most magical animals you'll ever have the honors of seeing

From @grumpyturtlecreative

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