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Wonderful Travel Around This World August 2021

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1. Dream. Relax. Recovery, Aqua Dome in Austria is one of the best spas in the world with one of the most iconic and dramatic landscapes on earth. You can easily relax with 10+ pools, 7 saunas and amazing food

From @lisarie__

2. Do the things that make you feel the most alive, this private swing was so much fun, at Bali

From @jennasilver_

3. Ireland’s Nusa Penida, how beautiful is this

From @joshuanueva

4. Snapped this shot while flying over Molokai in a helicopter, wonderful atmosphere

From @braybraywoowoo

5. These photographers could not believe their luck when this friendly whale started taking interest in their boat

From @khanjipeerwala

6. Cliffhanger thrills multidisciplinary professional athletes from team having wild fun at the French Alps. This mind-blowing footage was shot at the Aiguille de Varan, one of the main peaks of the Sallanches Valley in France. It offers a spectacular view of the Mont Blanc Massif on one side and the Aravis Massif on the other, a backdrop that's fitting for picturesque Wingsuit Base Jumping sessions

From @martinschricke @satori_factory

7. An afternoon well-spent in New York City. If you want to escape the crowded streets and admire the iconic skyline from the water, there are several boat tours in New York you can take. Aboard one of these boats, you can enjoy some fresh air and an incredible perspective of the famous Manhattan skyline

From @goldenlifeofnoah

8. I don't think I've seen so many waterfalls at once before, at Cepu, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

From @long.explorer

9. Jumping into the weekend like, at Lake Tahoe, California, USA. Located in sunny California, Lake Tahoe holds plenty of gems in store for adventure seekers, one of its most daring ones being this rope swing with a roughly 90-foot drop down to the water. As always, it's important to practice extreme caution and training for stunts like this

From @faayeded & @johnnybbooyy

10. This spectacle was shot above a towering waterfall in Alaska, USA, a state known for its superb natural landscapes. Due to its distance from the lower 48 states as well as its rugged landscapes and climate, Alaska is thought of as "The Last Frontier" of America. Invigorating waterfalls, vast forests, miles of coastline, grand mountains, and spectacular wildlife—a true Alaskan adventure offers these and so much more

From @johnderting

11. The most epic kayak ride, Would you be brave enough to kayak down New Zealand’s Sutherland Falls? With a tiered plunge and a vertical fall of 580 meters (1,904 feet), Sutherland Falls offers an unparalleled spot for kayaking. If you're planning to visit this mighty waterfall, you must prepare for a challenging yet rewarding hike through the Milford Track, one of New Zealand's most popular trails featuring beautiful and unforgettable mountain landscapes

From @flowmotionaerials & @headwaterscollective & @ctoruski

12. Best overhead seats in Dubai, If you're exploring this cosmopolitan city and looking for a unique experience, take flight in this two-seat gyrocopter that delivers an unparalleled escapade at 1,500 feet high

From @michutravel

13. It's only Plitviče Lakes National Park! A 295-sq.-km forest reserve in central Croatia, It looks awesome in every season but I really like this combination of summer green and blue tones. In which season do you like it the best?

From @be_mesmerized

14. Epic sunset sessions in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, the largest island of the seven Canary Islands which is known for having countless adventures in store. With its mild climate and a vast range of activities, the dynamic island of Tenerife beckons you to stay for a week or more. Besides enjoying the beach, venturing into lush forests, and going sightseeing, you can also visit museums, explore charming villages full of local traditions, and engage in a wide range of sports

From @oli_czudny @yungcoffe

15. Views you shouldn't miss on your flight to Hawaii

From @mckenziehorne

16. The universe is in your hands, It’s okay to loosen your grip and let life flow through you, at Tulum, Mexico

From @daniellemuntain

17. Summer in Norway, Who wants to visit this place?

From @natezeth

18. Norwegian Waterfalls, how beautiful is this

From @eliasandkajsa

19. Welcome to the Tumpak Sewu waterfall with volcano Semeru towering behind it seems unreal, but yes this place exists

From @davide.anzimanni

20. The Na Pali coast is truly remarkable. We hiked to this spot and had it all to ourselves until the day ended. A day I’ll never forget

From @vincelimphoto

21. This is probably the most incredible setting for a waterfall ever, at Ilha das Flores (Açores). Just look at this insane view, Taken deep into the sunset, only the last glow remains. I was truly lucky this day, as the whole day it had been cloudy and moody, and 30mins before sunset all of a sudden this happened

From @johan_drone_adventures

22. Although it has been very rainy, Switzerland is becoming everything I dreamt it would be, at Appenzell, Switzerland

From @markharrison4

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