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Wander The Best Destinations To Travel

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1. We bet you can’t guess where in Himachal Pradesh this lake is situated! Any guesses?

From @wanderwithjazz

2. Take a look of this magnificent view of PETRONAS Twin Towers at Malaysia 

From aishwarya_karkera

3. Today, we shows you a glimpse of the ethereal at Myanmar

From @ilhan1077

4. Seen here: Waterlilies being harvested in the wetlands of Bortir Bil in West Bengal. This is a monsoon-exclusive experience that is truly a sight to behold

From @shibasishsaha.official

5. Goa’s abundant nature is one that keep giving delightful surprises

This is the Dudhsagar Falls or the sea of milk, a four-tiered waterfall situated on the Goa-Karnataka border. Hailed as one of India’s tallest waterfalls, Dudhsagar attracts tourists as one can witness it up close and personal from a train! The nearest rail station accessible by road is Castle Rock, Karnataka where you can board the train and enjoy a 2-minute unscheduled stop at the falls! Alternatively, you can also opt for a guided hike with a local and witness this beauty.

Please note, it is mandatory to hire a guide and wear life jackets if you plan to trek to the falls during monsoon

From @the_lost_travellers

6. 5 The best waterfalls in Bali, how many have you been?

We are adding to our waterfall obsession this season with this beautiful video about the best waterfalls to visit in Bali. You’ll want to save their recommendations for later so go hit the save and pin button

From @hungrycruisers

7. Looking to escape the hustle-bustle of Delhi to immerse in outstanding luxury and hospitality?

Karma Lakelands is where you should be heading this weekend. With sprawling greenery, pools and lakes — a staycation at this property is one you’ll remember for a long time to come

From @gobro_nik

8. This is ice climbing, an extreme winter adventure sport

wherein climbers ascend inclined ice formations such as frozen waterfalls, ice falls and rocks covered with ice. In India, you can sign up for an introductory ice climbing course in Lahaul from November to February. You can also attend the famous Nubra Valley Ice Climbing Festival, started by climber Rigzin Tzewan in order to make the sport more popular in the region

If you’ve gone ice climbing, tell us about your experience in the comments! We would love to hear all about it

From @stasbeskin vs @jonathandeanurness

9. Switzerland is famous for its picturesque train and gondola rides, however this mountainous country, home to the Alps

makes for the perfect hiking destination. The best part? It has something in store for all! So whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned biker, you’ll get to traverse some of the most fantastic routes that are safe, well marked and endowed with spectacular views. If you’re a dog lover, you’ll also enjoy spotting several Europeans hiking with their cutest dogs

From @swiss.hikingplus

10. Before you deep dive into the week, we recommend that you take a moment to slow down and breathe. We’d rather be in Iceland to take it slow, but that’s okay, for now

From  @ronald_soethje

11. We shows you a glimpse of the luckiest winter day of his life, at Col de Cou

This isCol de Cou, a high mountain pass situated in the Alps where our professional skier shows us the craziest moves. We are in absolute awe and are manifesting a ski season in the Alps very soon

Is skiing on your bucket list or are you a champion who’s already ticked it off the list? Tell us in the comments

From @laurentdm

12. A small village located in Meghalaya’s Garo Hills, Wari Chora offers crystal clear streams, steep cliffs and dense forests

This is an offbeat, must have experience in Meghalaya. If you are travelling here, please be a responsible tourist, respect the culture, its people and don’t litter. Would you opt for this magical experience?

From @hodophile_abhilash

13. 15th August is a long weekend, and you could be celebrating it at unique locations with our 9 options

Check out our serene retreats that are perfect for a short break:

Stargaze & Pluck Your Own Herbs For Tea
-Hariyal | ₹ 5,199/ person

Learn yoga by the riverside & hike to a waterfall
-Rishikesh | ₹ 4,799/ person

Unwind at luxury camps & learn bushcraft
-Pangot | ₹ 7,199/ person

Spot tigers on a night safari & experience cycle safari
-Corbett | ₹ 10,000/ person

Explore an artist’s estate & stay in a Kathkuni home
-Naggar | ₹ 9,850/ person

Hike to a mountaintop & swim in a waterfall
-Mukteshwar | ₹ 8,400/ person

Take a dip in a river & ride on a toy train
-Bir | ₹ 8,599/person

Chill in a pool & cook a Rajasthani meal
-Mandawa | ₹ 3,799/ person

Triund trek & royal stay
-Dharamshala | ₹13,750/person

From @flicks.nt

15. This monsoon, we’re in awe of the treasure that the Western Ghats of India hold

This is Walan Kund, situated 197km away from Mumbai. This is a sacred river that is beautiful during summer but is a sight to behold when it thunders with water during monsoon

From @ziddi_kalakar

16. This scary yet breathtaking road took over a decade to get constructed. Lanying Grand Canyon, Chongqing Wuxi

In the poverty stricken and isolated Wuxi County of China, villagers needed to travel almost an entire day to reach the nearest road to sell and purchase goods. This caused so much inconvenience to their survival that a majority of villagers left the village and relocated. In early 2002 however, the remaining residents decided into take matters into their own hands and began constructing the road using basic tools only. The 1.2km long road was divided into 23 sections and one family was responsible for each section. Finally, the local government raised enough funds to take over the construction of the road in 2017

From @naturesms

17. This guy recently went on an epic 5000km long bike trip from Bangalore to Ladakh

Here’s a glimpse of one of the last road trip laps where she greeted monsoon in all its glory. This is on the way to Patnitop, Jammu which can be reached via the Cheneni Tunnel or you can take the longer route and enjoy the views

Are you someone who likes to take shortcuts during your road trips or would you rather take it slow and enjoy a longer route?

From @rucksackdiaries

18. Highlining is an extreme sport wherein adventurers walk across a rope from one cliff to the other.

This is a slacklining discipline that has been taken to the next level by with his crazy moves. Some of the best spots in the world for highlining are the French Alps, Lake Tahoe Area in California and Gevea Stone in Brazil. It is said that in India, only about 100 people are skilled at this sport, isn’t that crazy?

From @harmatchris @timodermatt

19. This is Via Ferrata at Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, one of the most epic experiences you need to sign up for

if you want to experience Switzerland through an adrenalin rush! Via Ferrata is a set of ladders and metal grips that lead you up the side of a mountain as you hang off the edge of a cliff!

From @viaferrata_helvetica

20. Mindful Retreat will make you want to pack your bags right away

We’ll give you two big hints. This destination has been the subject of several beautiful short stories and is a place that you definitely visited during your summer vacations as a child!

From @siddology

21. Earlier last year, 6 twenty-something year olds came together to establish the Kangsing Snow and Ice Sculpture Association

In the winter of 2022, the team hosted a sculpting workshop in Chilling Valley, Ladakh where more artists came together and sourced ice from the frozen Zanskar River. Over the course of two months, they sculpted this beautiful ice cafe and a snow leopard in temperatures as low as -20 °C!

Please note that this is a not a functional cafe, it is only for exhibition purposes. If you want to witness more such magic next winter keep an eye on us to update

From @megha.bhardwaj._

22. We shows the some the most gorgeous spot of Kerala that will take your breath away! What are your Kerala favorites? Comment below, let’s turn the comment section into the ultimate Kerala guide

From @ziddi_kalakar

23. Today we shows you the newly opened, insanely crazy Fly Dining experience in Manali that takes you to a height of 160ft

From @mohnishdoultani

24. In the Great Himalayan National Park lies the quaint village of 

Shangarh which is also known as the Valley of Gods. Situated in Sainj Valley, this is an offbeat village which is ideal for your next weekend road trip. Once here, take a walk through its meadows, visit the Barshangarh Falls, explore historic temples, or go bird watching

Do you have other favourite road trip spots in Himachal? Tell us about them in the comment section

From soumilvlogs

25. This beautiful location is only 1.5 hours away from the chaos of Bangalore. Nandi Hills, Karnataka

Have you been here during monsoon? Tell us what it’s like in the comment section below

From @yatralahari

26. This is the SheiKra, a dive coaster located in Florida, United States. The coaster comes with massive drops, turns and loops, all at the speed of 70kmph

From @conexaopelomundo

27. These are the lavender fields of France that are famous across the world for their endless, almost unbelievable beauty

ADD this beautiful experience to your bucket list! These are the lavender fields of France that are famous across the world for their endless, almost unbelievable beauty. In France, you can see lavender fields from June to August, which means that if you’re heading there anytime soon, this experience has got to be on your list! Some of the most popular fields in France are Luberon, Sault, Ardeche and Drome, to name a few

From @batkova_elena

28. Known as the most playful creatures of the deep blue seas, a day out with dolphins is sure to trump any other day of your life

Have you seen dolphins on your marine escapades? What was your experience like? Tell us!

From @andriana_marine

29. There could be no better time than monsoon to explore the best of Maharashtra

This is the Kataldhar Waterfall Trek that takes you into the depths of the Ulhas Valley. It is located 88km away from Mumbai near Lonavla

From @devdxb

30. Waking up above the clouds with your bestie? YES PLEASE! This is De’Campo, in Phu Tub Berk, Thailand

This is De’Campo, a resort located in Phu Tub Berk, Thailand (only 4 hours away from Bangkok)

This place is really amazing! Phu Tub Berk mountain is one of the most popular destination for local Thai people but foreigners didn’t know much about it

From @bestiewanderer

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