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The Wonderful Peru Travel Around

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1. This is another place you should consider on your bucket list... the gorgeous natural pools of Millpu, at Piscinas Naturales Millpu

From @oneoceanaway_

2. At the famous Huacachina oasis at, Ica, Peru. The only one of its kind in all of South America, and it's located just a few hours from Lima

From @karolg

3. The Inti Raymi'rata (Quechua for "Inti festival") is a traditional religious ceremony of the Inca Empire in honor of the god Inti (Quechua for "sun")

the most venerated deity in Inca religion. It was the celebration of the winter solstice – the shortest day of the year in terms of the time between sunrise and sunset – and the Inca New Year, when the hours of light would begin to lengthen again

From @jvfilmmaker

4. At National Stadium of Peru, "More united than ever, up Peru!"

From @ve_doble

5. Have you tried this delicious Peruvian dish yet? Tell us your experience with the Peruvian cuisine

From @foodyfetish

6. Did you know Huanchaco beach, at Trujillo? Amazing sunset view

From @red.nala

7. Do you recognize which square appears in this beautiful aerial photography? At Lima Peru

From @ve_doble

8. Laguna Huscacocha, Huánuco region, "Good start to the week everyone from the imposing Peruvian Andes

From @rafael.cll

9. Good weekend for everyone from the beautiful Peruvian Andes. Who would you like to visit this amazing landscape with?

From @jamesbinzcreator

10. New places always at Región Arequipa help us look at life differently. Stepping into the warm termal waters of these little town called Yanque. This place is surrounded by five volcanoes where one is active and three are in sleeping mode

From @about.chrissi

11. We are at the top of the world, meeting the cloud

From  @sergiovila

12. 10 places to visit in Peru this 2022. Which ones have you already visited?

From @peruanaviajera

13. Right now at San Juan de Marcona, Ica region
Elephant Trunk Beach. Have you already visited this Peruvian beach?

From  @ve_doble

14. At Lorito Peak Summit, opens Anticona

"Peak Lorito is a mountain located in the abra Anticona, better known as Ticlio and its highest point is located at about 5150 msnm. It is a low difficulty and easy access mountain with direct view of the central road."

From  @elblogdelari

15. New friend we just meet today, at Machu Picchu

From @fabiolagdo

16. This new rainbow mountain (also called Montaña Filuda de Colores) is one of the new and best attractions in Cusco at Pallay Punchu Apu T'acllo, Layo

From @urosvisekruna

17. Our beloved Peru is a country of wonderful places to visit. Its coast, mountains and jungle plus the hospitality of its people makes it the favorite destination of thousands of people in the world"

From @stvn.guio

18. This moment is unique, entering Machu Picchu is definitely an experience that will be marked forever. Have you already visited Machu Picchu?

From @dannytrz

19. When was your last time in Cusco?

From @thedishelinguide

20. One of my new favourite discoveries is the Rocoto relleno at Peru

It's a spicy Peruvian chili that looks like a bell pepper but packs some serious. Traditionally it comes stuffed with meat, vegetables and cheese which makes it a complete meal in my book." By Jay Z

From @thedishelinguide

21. An undeniable part of Lima's identity lays on its balconies, architectural features that have aroused great admiration throughout history. These could serve as a resting place but, above all; they were spaces to observe what was happening on the street

From @limabywalkingfreetour

22. A beautiful sunrise from the Peruvian jungle

From @daniel.leonruiz

23. An impressive shot of the beautiful city of Huaraz  also known as the "Very generous city", "Capital of International Friendship", "Peruvian Switzerland"

From @stvn.guio

24. Happy Wednesday everyone! At Valle Sagrado de los Incas. Where is the coolest place you've ever stayed?

From @victoriaann25

25. Nightfall in Lima, and this great shot shows us how the coast of Lima lights up in front of the Pacific Ocean

From  @ernestojimenex

26. Nightfall in Lima, and this is how the coast of Lima lights up in front of the Pacific Ocean

From @grabsenraw

27. Two week itinerary Peru. Is Peru your next destination?

From @travelmonster.nl

28. Red Valley, Lima and Junín region. "8 hours from Lima you will find this impressive place, on the road from Yauyos to Chupaca. Without a doubt, a destination to take care of and visit"

From @dibujatuviaje

29. Introducing Laguna Parón, a breathtakingly beautiful turquoise lake surrounded by the impressive snowcapped peaks of the Andes Mountains

From @emmysroads

30. 5 must see places in Peru. Which of these places have you already visited?

From @dannytrz

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