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Wonderful Autumn Virtual Travel Around The World

KingdomOfCat Admin

1. The wonderful reflection water of New England, US

From @jayroyusa

2. Enjoy the wonderful autumn vibes, at Yukon, Canada

From @angelaliggs

3. On the fields of Umbria, an Italian wildlife photographer who captures beautiful portraits of animals

conveying their expressiveness and behavior in their natural environment. Regarded as the 'green heart' of Italy, Umbria is known for its lush vegetation, verdant green spaces, and unspoilt natural landscapes. Its valleys and woods teem with wildlife and are home to a vast number of species. Have you ever been to Umbria yet? What's your favorite Italian city and why

From @michele_bavassano

4. Would you love waking up in the national park? At Québec, Canada

From @juliiathompson

5. Mountain whispering. Are you looking forward to ski season?

This thrilling clip was shot up in Val Thorens, a world-renowned ski town in France with an altitude of 2,300 m. It is considered the highest ski resort in Europe and offers breathtaking mountain landscapes that are unmatched. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate, or advanced skiier, you'll find a range of ideal slopes that. you can enjoy. Needless to say, this particular trail is one for the experts

From @guyotpierre and @victorgaluchot

6. Sliding into some fun. Would you slide here?

This was shot in the Water Circus, a water park in Annemasse, France. An ideal park for slide enthusiasts, it offers a water jump that's over 12m high and a bodyboard jump that allows you to cross the landing pool that's over 40m long. If you're in for some fun in France, bookmark this and tag your friends!

From @_lauramarino & @french.cliff.connection

7. Enjoy the snowy mountain ranges with the yellow of autumn season, at Canadian Rockies, Canada

From @chrisrlocke

8. Best friend adventures to brighten your day

Life is all about spending quality time with people (and pets) you love! In Utah, there are various nature trails that you and your furry best friend can explore. This particular spot was shot near the Flaming Gorge Reservoir in Utah, an area with various stunning scenery and gorgeous wildlife. When and where was your last close-to-nature getaway?

From @huskyquoi

9. Padding in the middle of the lake with the mist around

From @kierra_summer

10. This simple yet epic moment is just what we needed to see

Spending time by the sea is always time well-spent, and in Australia, these pockets of paradise are easily accessible even from the cities. This month also marked the reopening of Australia's international border since the beginning of the pandemic. The international border has finally opened after nearly 600 days, prompting emotional scenes of families reuniting.

From @outdoorkindaguy

11. Hot tub with the view at Quebec, Canada

From @chrisrlocke 

12. This owl rescue shot the Aniene River in Italy is one of the most touching things we've seen

We're glad that the owl was helped out and we commend those who extend their assistance in times like these

From @trout_hunter_27

13. Looking for Santa's garage, this guy finds Rudolph and his deer squad taking a peek in this garage in Texas, USA

'Deer Whisperer' Lynn Smith, along with his wife, live in harmony with their extended four-legged family in the city of Austin. He has amassed over 2 million followers on TikTok, sharing his beautiful life being surrounded by these elegant animals who live freely within the area.

From @lynnsmithdeerwhisperer

14. The house next to the lake, with the autumn vibes, at Vermont. Nature's splendor

From @jayroyusa

15. A breathtaking moment taken in Hawaii

Forever enchanted by light meeting water. 10 seconds of gratitude is a small thing I do all the time in this crazy world to remind myself to be present." How heavenly is this? What do you do to stay present and mindful every day

From @chelseakauai

16. In the middle of some roadtrip, at South Carolina, US

From  @angelaliggs

17. This bizarre landscape shows the Piramidi di terra di Longomoso, one of the most celebrated natural phenomenons in South Tyrol, Italy

Also known as "earth pyramids", these peculiar monuments are miracles of nature. They're formed by moraine clays as well as glaciers from the late ice age. When it rained, the soil turned into a soft muddy mass and started sliding, forming 10 to 15-meter-steep slopes. However, when there are rocks in the muddy mass, the soil beneath gets protected from the rain, which eventually leads to "protected pillars" rising out of the ground to form these majestic earth pyramids

From via @marius_krey

18. Adding color to your day at Bora Bora, French Polynesia

When things don't go as planned, take it in stride and you'll be surprised at what you discover in the end. This magical moment was shot in Bora Bora, a famous island in French Polynesia that's only about a brief 50-minute flight from Tahiti or Moorea. With its vivid blue waters and lush valleys, the island will surely make you feel love at first sight. Did you ever encounter rainy or unexpected moments in your beach getaways

From  @reneeroaming

19. New England, US in a moody day, but still beautiful as always

These quiet little towns with amazing fall foliage got us falling in love with the season. In the USA, there are several prime spots for leaf-peeping where you can witness an explosion of vivid colors. It's the perfect time to go outside and feast your eyes with shades of red, orange, and gold

From @jayroyusa

20. A hidden gem, a small waterfall at Maine with the autumn vibes

From @jayroyusa

21. Check out this "tobogganing" from this bridge in Millau, France

offering a different perspective you don't see every day! 🇫🇷 Antoni Villoni is an extreme sports and adrenaline junkie from France, who shares his thrilling adventures in France and beyond

From @antonivilloni

22. Traversing the Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada, a sublime Mars-like landscape on Earth

If you enjoy stargazing, this valley is the perfect stop on a desert road trip as it boasts one of the clearest, darkest night skies in the world!

Are you planning any fun road trips this fall?

From @hellotwobytwo

23. On top of a fall wonderland. This incredible spot was taken in northern New Hampshire, a US state in New England

Touring New England during the fall is an absolute dream, especially with its perfect weather and vivid natural scenery. Expect woodlands, mountains, and roads peppered with hues of scarlet, gold, and shocking orange

From @maza.travel

24. Easy, and enjoy the autumn atmosphere, at Québec, Canada

These lovely fall photos are making us dream of slowing down, spending cozy days in a cabin, and basking in the season's vibrant beauty

From @chrisrlocke 

25. Living in a painting, Though Lake Blausee is a wonderful place to visit any time of the year

exploring it during the fall is a special experience. Witnessing the golds, reds, and oranges contrasting with the turquoise water is a moment that will surely be etched in your memory. How would you describe this place? Have you been to Switzerland during fall?

From @sennarelax

26. A heart-shape lake at Québec, Canada, have you ever seen before?

From @juliiathompson

27. Check out insane perspectives located in JBR Dubai

Otherwise known as the Jumeirah Beach Residence, this hip and happening neighborhood is one of the busiest and liveliest ones in the city! It's home to incredible beachside hotels, residential towers, and a range of sought-after restaurants, bars, and attractions, making it a must-visit spot

From @43lens'

28. The smoothest jump with killer drone work at Utah, USA

If you’re one to seek out the most epic cliff jumping spots, then you must know that Utah is your kind of hotspot! Raise your hands up if you watched this more than once

From @captncal

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