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Wonderful Canada Destinations and Vibes Will Make You Want To Travel To

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1. Catching that first light by the lakes. Happy Monday and here’s to a great week ahead!

From @viktoriahaack

2. It’s the perfect day to spend in the patio! What are you doing today to take advantage of these sunny skies and gorgeous conditions?

From @jgazze

3. Did you know - this gem is the oldest shopping district in North America?

Located in Quebec, Quarried Petit Champlain is home to over 40 boutiques and restaurants and is a delight to visit.

From @steven.davignon

4. Spectacular views from CN Tower. A great icon of Canada

From  @jonsimo

5. Sights of the summer coming our way from Vancouver, BC

It feels like summer doesn’t ever last long enough does it? Let us know what the highlight of your summer has been so far, and what else you’re looking forward to for the season.

From @emmett_sparling

6. Those good ole’ prairie sunsets never get old. The skies are lit on fire in Winnipeg on this summer evening overlooking some of the city’s downtown core

From @anthony_urso

7. Enjoying a fresh cup of coffee on a picture perfect morning by the lake. One of the absolute joys of summer


8. On Canada’s Eastern Coast in the province of Newfoundland & Labrador AKA “The Rock”, you will find Gros Morne National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site

This part of the province is a hiker's paradise, offering plenty of options for all skill levels.

As we look ahead to the best time of the year to hike here, we’ve put together a guide of our favourite hikes in Gros Morne.

Whether you’re an eager explorer or an avid hiker, prepare to step into a place unlike anywhere else.

From TT

9. Quiet, calm, and reflective on the coast in Burgeo. One of the most beautiful days along the south coast of Newfoundland.

From @tomcochrane

10. We spent the day at this little sauna deep in the mountains. In between sauna sessions, we'd jump in the freezing cold lake to cool off. A life goal is to have more days like this

From @emmett_sparling

11. Blanketed by the trees of the forest and surrounded by great company, couldn’t think of a better way to spend the weekend.

From @yakeandmarie

12. Amazing mountain views aren’t the only thing waiting for you when driving through the Rockies

There are also a plethora of wildlife that you may encounter along your journey. Just be sure to keep a safe distance when you see them!

From @motherpixels

13. An incredible display of colours around Radium Hot Springs area in British Columbia.

From @victoraerden

14. Today we will takes you to an off the grid cabin to close out the long weekend. Such a cozy house btw

From @basil.h

15. A big part of spending the summer in the prairies is cozying up and unwinding in homey cabins like this one located in the outskirts of Manitoba

Have you spent anytime in a cabin so far this summer?

From @steph.explores

16. The climb is tough, and the incline is very steep, but the views up top are some of the most rewarding I’ve ever seen

This hike in Sarrail Ridge Kananaskis is a must-visit for anyone going to the Rockies. The trail is also in grizzly territories so make sure to do it with a group!

From @dam_explores

17. Diving right into the week on this Monday morning!

From @deeehabs

18. The breathtaking summer warmth on the coasts in Nova Scotia.

From @acorn_art_photography

19. The sun is always eager to greet you on your morning commute! Canadian cities have been improving their cycling networks across the board to encourage the use of bikes.

From @mjtphoto.org_

20. The canals in Ottawa always provide such scenic surroundings for those who are looking to just walk through the city and enjoy it on foot. Add a gorgeous sunset to the mix and you got yourself an evening!

From @punkodelish

21. One of my favourite places in Newfoundland and Labrador - Francois

There are no cars, no roads, and it’s only accessible by boat. Every time I go back to Francois, it's an absolute pleasure.

From @tomcochrane

22. The moment when the storm finally gives way to the sun. An incredible capture by avid storm chaser

The prairies provide the perfect backdrop to see capture the storms and the conditions that they come with.

From @herry.with.an.e

23. A lovely morning exploring Dinosaur Provincial Park.

The park get its namesake from the abundance of fossils surrounding the area, and is located only 2 hours east of Calgary.

From @stephaniebureau

24. More days like this please. It’s been a rainy start to the summer here in the Rockies, here’s hoping for clearer skies and a smoke free August.

From  @mddyelrck

25. One of the best things about the prairies remains to be the ability to see the sky in all its glory. In Saskatchewan wherein the storm clouds are forming

From @herry.with.an.e

26. What are you up to on this Summer Saturday? From Banff, Alberta

Whether it’s a trip to the lake or a hike up a mountain , make sure to get out there and enjoy the outdoors!

From @scottcbakken

27. Some morning magic on Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia

Mahone Bay is just another one of the quaint gems found in Nova Scotia, a place full of these quiet and calming locations.

From @argenel

28. How does Vancouver have so many large trees and such beautiful nature

Don't be surprised if you get stuck in the rain upon arrival. Better yet, embrace it because rain is a big part of the Vancouver lifestyle

From @enchantedvancouver

29. Been here, Lovely city and nice people, can not wait till I can come back soon! At Quebec, Canada


30. Canada's west coast is stunning in its own right

Throw in a secluded floating sauna and you will be totally immersed with the coastal beauty. Just a short boat ride from Tofino harbour and you can spend the day relaxing in the sauna, diving into the chilly pacific, or paddle boarding along the shores of the sound

From @dusty.cressey

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