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Wonderful Destinations Around The World This Month

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1. Set sail to the middle of the rock, at Greece

From @jess.wandering

2. Amazing aerial views in Bali, at The Edge Bali

From @davidauer_ @lauroria 

3. What makes you feel most alive? Mine is mountains

From @stefanie.haid

4. Standing in the rock and enjoy the beach air, at Zakynthos, Greece

From @jess.wandering

5. It was way too hot to be stewing away in a thermal spring, at California

but I can't turn one down, not with a back drop this amazing...⠀However, the mosquito population had to be at least 2 million because they were swarming everywhere. I was actually surprised I got clean shots without a black "mist" of them flying around!

I sustained a few bites, which I'm actually sensitive to, so I shouldn't really have taken the risk, but worth it for the shot

From @karyle_leiana

6. A park in Boston, Massachusetts filled with autumn vibes and colors

From @pocketboston

7. A perfect bathtub view in Capri, Italy

From @markoconforti

8. Autumn is here, and it is a perfect time for family, at Boston, Massachusetts

From @pocketboston

9. Do you know what this is? At Croatia, it is a path made from wood so you can go deeper and explore the nature

It looks awesome in every season but I really like this combination of summer green and blue tones. In which season do you like it the best?

From @be_mesmerized

10. In one week, I’ll be back to one of my favourite places in the world, Northern Norway, at Lofoten, Norway

From @damonbeckford

11. Flying high over Kauai. Definitely one of the most thrilling and incredible experiences of my life

From @j_kreiss 

13. Found paradise at Bora Bora, French Polynesia.
Have you been here?

From @erubes1

14. The Atlantic Ocean Road connects a group of small islands between Kristiansund and Molde in Norway

It's one of the coolest roads I've ever seen

From @long.explorer

15. An old path filled with rocks at Boston, Massachusetts

From @pocketboston

16. Never getting tired with the autumn vibes from Boston, Massachusetts

From @pocketboston

17. A beautiful sandbank day at the Maldives

From @ourkindlife

18. A beautiful time out at the La Cabane, Bali, Indonesia

From @kyrablight

19. Perfect day for boating and enjoy the paradise, at Zakynthos, Greece

From  @jess.wandering

20. A beautiful boat day in Positano, Italy

From @theworldfromawindow

21. One place I'll definitely revisit in the future when travel opens up again is Switzerland, at Landwasser Viaduct

Next time though I want to hop on this train, sit back and just take everything in

From @johnedwardjames

22. And the autumn is here, a perfect color, at Boston, Massachusetts

From @pocketboston

23. Kayaking with the perfect clear blue water, at Zakynthos, Greece

From @jess.wandering

24. A perfect color, at Massachusetts

From @pocketboston

25. And autumn vibes is here, at Boston, Massachusetts

From @pocketboston

26. A perfect place for kayaking, at Greece

From @jess.wandering

27. Explore the small cave, at Zakynthos, Greece

From @jess.wandering

28. Under the big white rock, is an amazing clear blue water, at Greece 

From @jess.wandering

29. Beautiful day to explore Zákynthos, Zakinthos, Greece

From @jess.wandering

30. The perfect clear waters of Zakynthos, Greece

From @jess.wandering

31. A magical adventure at the Taj Mahal, India

From @jacob

32. A perfect adventure at the Grutas Tolantongo, Mexico

From @oneoceanaway_

32. The perfect weekend, hiking, camping and enjoy the view from above

From @philippmitt

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