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Wonderful Destinations Around The World This September 2021

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1. Whom would you like to visit Balat, Istanbul's most colourful place, with?

From @mstfatyfn

2. Would you rather walk or fly through the Tuscany countryside?

From @sennarelax

3. Did you see the shooting stars in Aug? At Czech Republic

the Perseids over the Bohemian Forest in the Czech Republic. The photograph features the brightest meteors Tomas was able to capture overnight on August 12.-13., when The Perseid Meteor Shower peaks. The night sky includes the central arch of our Milky Way Galaxy and the planets Saturn and Jupiter on the left side of the Milky Way

From @tomashavel

4. Why does Bali have such mesmerising sunsets?

From @where.to.find.me

5. The colorful steps at Balat, Istanbul

From @mstfatyfn

6. Tag a mate who would climb to the top of this rock as a workout, at Elpenol Guatape, Colombia

From @sjoerdbracke

7. Imagine waking up to this view every morning at Lungern, Switzerland

From @timulrich.pix

8. With its pastel coloured buildings, winding cobbled streets and endless fishing boats, at Rovinj

dotted through its bays, it’s no wonder they call Rovinj the Pearl of the Istrian Peninsula

From @jordhammond

9. Whom would you like to watch the northern lights with? At Norway

From @imikegraphics

10. The beautiful town of Jajce Waterfall, was built in the 14th century and is the most heel-preserved fortified capital of the Bosnian Kingdom before the Ottoman Empire takeover

From @sennarelax

11. The pub contains a large collection of memorabilia related to a fictional detective, at London, United Kingdom

From @theurbanteller

12. The summer nights at Positano, Italy

From @danieleragazzini

13. Who would you love to share this summer view with? At Positano Amalfi Coast Italy

From @butnomatter.theroadislife

14. The 'Bridge of Lies' has many legends surrounding it because of its name, at Sibiu, Romania

From @rale_p

15. An afternoon in Lisbon, which spot is on your travel bucket list? At Lisbon Portugal

From @mylondonfairytales

16. Who’s your hiking buddy? The bluest gem of the Swiss Alps

From @_fabiozingg

17. Rainbow-coloured panoramic flower gardens at Shikisainooka, Hokkaido, Japan

From @criss1016

18. Would this sunrise view be worth a 2-hour hike? At Zillertal, Austria

From @davide.anzimanni

19. A place of healing, at Switzerland

From @michelphotographych

20. An ethereal ride, at Blausee, Switzerland

From @timulrich.pix

21. The beautiful colorful houses at Balat, Istanbul, it's a nice day

From @mstfatyfn

22. Colorful beauty in Hindu temple, at Batu Caves, Kualalumpur, Malaysia

From @harimaolee

23. Lunch with a view in Cinque Terre at Cinqueterre Manarola Italy

From @takemyhearteverywhere

24. An early spring morning when the tulip fields were blooming.  Are you planning a trip to Holland, Netherlands next year?

From @nick_skeyes

25. Whom would you enjoy this view of the blue seas with in Zakynthos? At Zákynthos, Zakinthos, Greece

From @momentsofgregory

26. One of Germany’s most beautiful castles in its white dress, at Neuschwanstein, Germany

From @tom_juenemann

27. Once upon an autumn, at Nuremberg Germany

From @rebecca.paviola

28. Autumn is coming, enjoy this aerial view at Vermont USA

From @kjp

29. A heaven on Earth, how beautiful is this? At Grindelwald Jungfrauregion, Switzerland

From @sjoerdbracke

30. The Gent city, Belgium at night. It must be nice to cycle through the beautiful streets, admiring the old facades of the houses

Although believes that the locals are probably already used to these beauties. That's the way it is with the locals almost everywhere. The view gets blurry, we get used to our surroundings, it doesn't cause us such oohs and aahs

From @sillage_an

31. The majestic volcano craters that were formed by massive volcanic eruptions can be found all over Iceland

Most of them are thousands of years old and water-filled like this one located in the icelandic highlands

From @formgestalter

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