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Wonderful Japan Travel Destinations For 2023 Trip

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1. Katsuo-ji temple in Osaka. A wonderful view for such a magnificent place

From @tm.9729

2. One of the best view of Kyoto, admire the leaves on the trees. The colors of Autumns

From @_this.andrey

3. Infamous Fushimi Inari Taisha, tori alley

From @adjie_lilo

4. Sunset with friends at Kyoto, Japan

From @yassan.1985

5. Minato Mirai in Yokohama

From @yasumijapan

6. A walk in Takayama

From  @japan_walker_

7. Wakayama amazing landscapes

From @yukkey.inc

8. Autumn leaves of the kochia with Mt. Fuji at Oishi Park in Yamanashi prefecture

You can enjoy seeing a variety of seasonal flowers with Mt. Fuji in the background in this park. The best time to see this is in mid and late October

From @1min.traveller

9. Kyoto Temple at night Atmosphere

From @takumar_s

10. Throwback Tokyo Yosakoi 2022

The dance festival is on a massive scale and sees 6,000 performers in dance groups from throughout Japan competing for the top spot

From  @cinematictokyo

11. Udon Making, it is delicious

From @cindy.in.japan

12. Flying over japanese countryside

From @i.am.yurichan

13. Secret tea house in Tokyo hidden in a flower shop

Aoyama Flower Market Tea House tea house! Save this post for your future trip to Tokyo

From @taka.lovemari

14. Must try streets food in Tokyo!

From @thelarachannel

15. Sea of flowers, flower field in bihoku hillside national government park

From @yuuna_iris66 

16. A day in the peaceful life of Kyoto

From @imin.kyoto

17. Mt. Fuji, a marvel of nature

From @kubonaoyuki

18. Kennin-ji is the main temple of the Rinzai branch of Zen Buddhism

Located at the end of Hanamikoji Street in eastern Kyoto. Founded in 1202 by the influential monk Eisai (or Yosai), it is today one of the Five Great Temples of the city. It is renowned for its beautiful decorative interior paintings and manicured gardens

From @kyoto_ppo

19. Kodaiji Temple is a prominent Kyoto temple

Known for its annual evening autumn illumination event. Visitors can enjoy strolling through gardens and admiring gorgeous fall scenes at night. Held until mid-December, this is a must-experience way of enjoying Japanese nature and culture

From @japanwithrachel

20. Live the life in japan

From @chris_rfo

21. Osaka Dotonburi amazing streets

From @pit_acco

22. Spring vibes in Tokyo, the cherry blossom road

From @leetuyen239

23. Nara Ukimido, In the middle of Nara Park

This classical hexagonal wooden pavilion appears to float on Sagiike Pond. It is a beautiful spot to relax and take photographs at any time of day

From @boku_travel

24. Okinawa life, the Sea the sun and the streets

From @_ranpis_

25. A sacred tree in Ueno Park

From TT

26. Which accomodation would you take?

From @gogonihon

27. Yusaitei, Kyoto. Magnificent river

From @manabi_kyoto

28. Do you feel the divinity? At the realm of gods: Templo de NIKKO

From @tepp_eee

29. Shibuya by night, driving through the streets

From @rkrkrk

30. Kawagoe festival, Saitama

Kawagoe Festival (Kawagoe Hikawa Festival Float Event) takes root in the "Reitaisai" festival held at Hikawa Shrine on October 14, and is also consisted of the "Jinkosai" festival and "Float Event (festival)" that are held immediately afterward.

Edo, and the festival served to unify the minds of the people, borrowing the “gods’ power” for such a purpose. Thus, the festival had an important role in politics, building autonomous organizations in local communites

From @kyoko1903

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