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Wonderful New Zealand Destinations Virtual Travel

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1. Kayaking into paradise, at Bobs Cove

From @lostwithbeth

2. Welcome to the magnificent walk to Mount Cook on the Hooker Valley Trail

The bridge featured above is one of the two beautiful bridges that cross the Hooker River

The jaw dropping walk is a cheeky 10km that should take around 3 hours (depending on how many times you stop to take photos).⁣

Who’s keen to venture on this hike and who do you want the join you?

From @tariqphoto⁣

3. Cheeky slice of paradise. Can not wait till I can come back here again

From @bruzzykelt

4. The amazing view from the Roys Peak

From @earthtotavis

5. Very few places are as breathtaking as Milford Sound. Who do you need to explore this absolute paradise with?

From @laurie_winter

6. The remarkable shades of blue on Lake Tekapo

From @bexmckenziee

7. Who else is craving a trip to the Cook Islands this winter?

From @bruzzykelt

8. Waking up extra early to see this view in Milford Sound, New Zealand

From @kylekotajarvi w/ @madison.younger

9. Check out this colony of little penguins waddling ashore to nest, at Oamaru, New Zealand

Kororā is the world’s smallest penguin at just over 25 cm and weighs about 1 kg, the weight of a carton of milk

From @oamarubluepenguincolony

10. These braided rivers flowing from the glaciers of the Southern Alps are a sight to behold. Where’s your next adventure taking you?

From @ryanresatka

11. Springtime in New Zealand. Who do you need to explore our backyard with?

From @rachstewartnz

12. That feeling when you wake up in paradise, at Aitutaki, Cook Islands

From @bruzzykelt

13. After yesterday’s big snowfall, it’s time to hit up our favorite fields for some fresh pow vibes. When are you going

From @theremarkables

14. Floating. Soft clouds - loving it!

From @scotthowes

15. Simply breathtaking, at Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park

From @earthtotavis

16. How’s this for a taste of winter wonderland at Mount Cook National Park?

From @hj_shabba

17. The genuine sense of scale you get when exploring New Zealand's South Island is one you can’t put into words. It literally blows your mind

And there’s no other place that leaves that exact impression on you quite like Milford Sound does. If this place is not on your travel itinerary already, best believe it should be!”

From @earthtotavis

18. Probably the most magical drive I’ve ever done and get this - it was on a gloomy, rainy day

Fiordland National Park in the Deep South of New Zealand is something truly special no matter the weather. In fact if it’s pouring rains it’s even more spectacular than on a sunny day. On this day it was rainy, super windy and extremely moody and yet I’ve never seen anything quite so spectacular as this place transformed into 1000’s of tiny waterfalls cascading down the mountainsides in all directions!

From  @wilderness_addict

19. Perspective is everything. BREATHTAKING moment

From @jinalgovind

20. How beautiful is Aoraki Mt Cook?! Did you know on a clear day Aoraki is visible from as far away as Greymouth (150km away)?

From @leecook_images

21. Talk about the ultimate road trip?! Who else is keen to cruise along the shores of Lake Pukaki and head towards the breaking Mount Cook? Simply iconic

From @xavier_and_caroline

22. Soaring above the country’s highest mountain range, the famous Southern Alps

On a clear day, this is the iconic views you’ll get to enjoy as you arrive in Queenstownn. Can you think of a more magical arrival?

From  @exploringourglobe/@bruzzykelt

23. Welcome back to Level 3 Auckland. Enjoy your takeaways and coffee

From @mrlesterchan

24. Queenstown delivering the goods. One of my favorite places on Earth!

From @aseempaul

25. Taranaki from above. Looks perfect from every angle

From @meghanmaloneyphotography

26. Amazing shot of the Split Apple Rock just out of Nelson

Two gods of Maori legend were fighting over the possession of a large boulder. To settle the matter, they used their godlike strength to break it in half.⁣

That’s the origin story of the subject of January’s photo, Split Apple Rock, just off of Kaiteriteri Beach in Abel Tasman National Park, South Island, New Zealand.⁠

From @cjmaddock

27. Blanketed in white goodness, Aoraki after a heavy snowfall is like a winter wonderland

From @danielmurray.nz

28. Sometimes in life you’ve just got to sit back and enjoy. Check out this magical moment when this guy sailed his yacht to New Zealand from Hawaii

From @hugomaclean

29. Freedom, at Queenstown, New Zealand

From @bruzzykelt

30. Walking through a winter wonderland, at Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park

From @dom_thepom

31. How about this for a stunning perspective of Mount Taranaki?

From the black sand beaches to one of the country’s most iconic landscapes.

This is simply magnificent.

From @janedovejuneau

32. Gliding high above Lake Hawea in New Zealand. Who would try this?

From @jamie_lee_speedflyer

33. From where you’d rather be, at Dart River

From @chanceallred

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