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Wonderful Places For Outdoor Adventure

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1. Exploring the woods of the country of a thousand lakes, at Finland. Would you go for a wander here?⁣⁣

From @jukkarisikko

2. Iran’s varied and dramatic landscapes 

offer the demanding traveller a wealth of awe inspiring, unspoilt views to discover. From mountains to deserts, to forests and caves, there lots to discover in this Persian country. Would you go explore it?⁣

From @armin_ramezanzad

3. Drawing visitors from every corner of the world, the mountains of Peru offer an absolutely unparalleled combination of natural beauty

cultural heritage, and opportunities for physical challenge and accomplishment. Would you go explore the innumerable wonders that the Peruvian Andes have to offer?⁣

From @karolnienartowicz

4. If you've ever hiked in high, rocky terrain, you've probably seen and heard marmots

they chirp and whistle to warn their fellows of your approach. Have you encountered these rodents

From @camherb

5. In which season would you like to explore New Zealand the most?

From @rachstewartnz

6. Time camping isn’t spent, it is invested. Do you go wild camping? At Lofoten, Norway

From @mathias.koch_

7. Admiring the highest waterfall in the world, above a massive jungle.⁣ At Salto Ángel, Venezuela

From @ellisvanjason

8. Sunrise in the Caucasus mountains. With whom would you want to enjoy this view? ⁣At Georgia 

From @jguzmannn

9. Going for a leisurely walk in the⁣ forest feels like getting a big⁣ ol' hug from Mother Nature


10. This is the Daubenhorn Via Ferrata in the Bernese Alps, located above the town of Leukerbad, Switzerland

It is the longest via ferrata, or secured climbing route, in Switzerland. The route is built into the mountain's southeastern face and continues to the summit. This via ferrata is considered to be extremely difficult and requires very good fitness to make the 6 - 8 hour climb to the summit from the base of the Via Ferrata at 2350 m / 7709 ft. Would you do it? 

From @viaferrata_helvetica

11. Fall is approaching in the Canadian Rockies. Are you looking forward larch madness in this year?

From @jguzmann⁣⁣

12. Exploring mesmerizing glaciers in Iceland… Tag a friend who needs to see this

From @_exploringalaska_

13. Set in the mountains of Costa Rica, the Rio Celeste (Blue River) and waterfall is a breathtaking natural wonder that one has to see to believe

The brilliant blue water, which seems altered at first blush, gets its show-stopping hue from a chemical reaction between volcanic minerals. Would you go see this magnificent waterfall?

From @mazeirons

14. With whom would you hike on this scenic ridge?⁣ At Chamonix, France

From @pete_ell

15. Trees + morning mist + crazy light = rays for days! Have you seen conditions like these? 

From @formgestalter

16. Have you been to Hetch Hetchy?⁣ At Wapama Falls⁣

From @lustfortheworld

17. Utah will leave you speechless

Thousands of years of flash floods created this awe-inspiring triple pothole arch located deep in Glen Canyon along the Escalante river corridor. If you're up for a mega adventure, this one's for you

From @basecamp37

18. Take a seat and enjoy the show, at South Tyrol, Italy

From @eliasbachmann⁣

19. The suffering is worth it! Do you prefer day hiking, or backpacking? ⁣

From @theweekendforecast

20. Relax and enjoy your Sunday, folks

From @mathias.koch_

21. Wild guanacos roaming the Patagonian Steppe, at Argentina ⁣

From @ramirotorrents

22. A glimpse of alpine heaven in Switzerland. With whom would you enjoy this view? ⁣

From @davidaguilar_photo

23. Joffre Lakes Provincial Park is a gorgeous park with extraordinarily coloured lakes, waterfalls, stunning mountain peaks

and ominous glaciers pouring into the valley. Joffre Lakes is one of those incredible places that makes it hard to take a boring picture. The three Joffre Lakes are some of the most stunning lakes you are likely to ever see. Each lake gets progressively more beautiful and impossibly turquoise from one to the next. Would you hike here?

From @basil.h⁣

24. The BLYDE RIVER CANYON in the⁣
Mpumalanga province of South Africa, is not only the 3rd largest canyon in the world

it's also the LARGEST GREEN CANYON due to its lush subtropical foliage. What looks like a river down below is actually the Blyderivierpoort Dam filled with crocodiles and hippos!

It doesn't matter how many times I see this view, it always takes my breath away! Have you ever heard of this neat canyon? Let me know in the comments

From @jacques_crafford

25. So what happened here?⁣ And did you hear her growl?

I had a beautiful encounter with Momma Grizz + her cub. I took the situation very seriously and hiked with a group, backed up to give the bears space, and carried bear spray.⁣

They were comfortable enough with us to actually breast feed right in the open! But then something unexpected happened - as far as I can tell, baby grizz bit down too hard on Mom, causing her to startle. She growled and bit him, and then ran away from him - coincidentally in our direction.⁣

The video ends here, but by this point I was drawing my spray and was already moving the crowd further off the trail. Fortunately she came to a stop and the two of them carried on their way.⁣

I am glad this situation had a peaceful resolution, but it serves as an important truth: wildlife can be highly unpredictable. ⁣

From @myinnerwild

26. A stunning sunrise in the Chilean Patagonia. With whom would you enjoy this view? At Torres del Paine National Park , Chile

From @tylekki

27. Flowing water that is flat is not shallow. This water-filled crevasse is approximately 20 feet deep (6 meters), at Matanuska Glacier, Alaska

From @groovyum

28. Midnight Sun adventures

Have you ever experienced 24 hours of daylight before? It's truly exhilarating, and you can explore places between 12-4am and have them completely to yourself! The only thing to remember is to get some sleep when you lose track of the time.⁣

From  @chereneo

29. "I like the mountains because they make me feel small. They help me sort out what's important in life.” – Mark Obmascik⁣, at Peru

From @josemostajo

30. The Lago di Carezza hike (also known as Karersee) should be on everybody’s bucket list for the Dolomites, at Karersee, Italy

The beautiful colours of the lake, the forest, and the mountains that surround it, make the walk feel utterly magical

From @withdoina

31. Do you find these forest clips pretty and soothing, or creepy and terrifying? ⁣

From @mary_mccaughey

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