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1. Stunning fall photographs of New York, a view from above

From @craigsbeds

2. Wintertime in NYC, how amazing is this?

From @jssilberman

3. Let her show you this semi-buried house that marries nature and human habitation

Designed by Mexican architect Javier Senosiain Aguilar and finished in 1984, Casa Orgánica has sand-colored furnishings that give the illusion of being one with the Earth. The mesmerizing house is open to visitors for a fee, so you can include admiring its fascinating architecture as part of your bucket list!

From @brendacoto

4. This beautiful 'ghost forest' at Gespensterwald, Nienhagen, Germany

From borders the Baltic Sea and is an invigorating space to get in touch with nature. Tucked in the municipality of Nienhagen, the protected forest called the Gespensterwald is known for its bizarrely shaped deciduous trees with twisted, snake-like branches

From @tom_juenemann

5. You can feel the sky so close with the nature fall vibes at New York, USA

From the red and orange foliage that surrounds you to the chill in the air, fall is a time where there's a profound seasonal change. One of the best places to spend the season is in New York, where you can expect crisp autumn days and plenty of seasonal activities to experience

From @craigsbeds

6. Living life on the edge in France

Besides being a paraglider and a highliner, he's also a BASE jumper who conquers great heights. Check out that spin at the end

From @antygravity_

7. Roarr, look at those teeth of those polar beer baby, at Manitoba, Canada

From @daisygilardini

8. Let's have some fun brother, how beautiful and playful they are

From @daisygilardini

9. Nothing to see here, just casually sliding down this natural waterslide that juts out to a gorgeous natural pool

Would you slide down like this? Located in Brazil, the Escorrega Waterfall is a fantastic location to enjoy nature with your loved ones. It offers a natural rock waterslide and cool waters that you can swim in. Take note that the rocks here can be slippery, so explore carefully and take precautions

From @felipezeid

10. An incredible bathtub view, you can only feel this vibes at Mirage Whitsundays, Australia 

From @gabidibbs / @_tobyhughes

11. If you jump, I jump, at Bungee Pokhara, Nepal

Check out this thrilling bungee jump over the lush fields of Pokhara in Nepal

Apart from the treks and mountain biking trails, Pokhara offers an exhilarating activity that would quench your thirst for adventure. Located only 25 kilometers away from the Pokhara lakeside and easily accessible from the city, this 75-meter vertical jump bungee is not one to miss. It has a free fall period of 3 seconds and offers stunning views of the Himalayas

From @princykhatiwada

12. Would you stay at this incredible luxury resort in Greece

From @stellaislandcrete

13. Have you been to NYC during the winter before? If not, this December is the right time

From @jssilberman

14. I am always be with you mom, how lovely are those mom and kid polar beer, at Manitoba, Canada

From @daisygilardini

15. Join us drive along the stunning Icefields Parkway, which is one of the best drives in Canada especially during fall

Every turn of this 232-km-long drive offers nature's splendor, may it be ancient glaciers, verdant mountains, thundering waterfalls, and soaring viewpoints. Wherever it may be in the world, what are your favorite scenic drives?

From @argenel

16. Throwback New York at snow last year

From @jssilberman

17. Glamping in the desert at Wadi Rum, Jordan

An unmissable experience in Jordan would be to immerse in Wadi Rum, a stunning valley that boasts an incredible desert landscape that's reminiscent of the planet Mars. Not only is Wadi Rum breathtakingly beautiful, but it's also known as an important cultural and historical area with petroglyphs, inscriptions, and archaeological sites from a time long gone

From @toniahope_

18. Full view from New York, USA

What are the best or most memorable places you've visited during fall?

From @craigsbeds

19. Goosebumps views at Dubai, UAE

Check out this incredible 24-hour timelapse from day to night (to day again) in Dubai! From sunrise 'til sundown, Dubai remains fascinating, enchanting, and glamorous all throughout

From @nickrstic, @welcome2emirates @all_mea @rafflespalmdubai

20. Winter is my favorite season of the year, at NYC

From @jssilberman

21. Today's mood is being unstoppable

If you're in for some thrill, bungee jumping in Sochi is an activity that will set your heart on fire. Located in the heart of Sochi National Park, this adrenaline-pumping bungee jump paves way to stunning panoramic views of the Caucasus mountains

From @tanya_bezborodova

22. This spectacular gem can't be more scenic, at Little Crater Lake, Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon, USA

From Located in the Mount Hood National Forest in the US State of Oregon, the Little Crater Lake is a cold, crystal clear, spring-fed pond with the most vivid blue waters. The area has a comfortable campground, too

From @snickersv

23. Amazing view from Mirage Whitsundays, Australia

From @gabidibbs / @_tobyhughes

24. Epic control and balance, At France, would you try this?

From @aurelien_fontenoy

25. Here's your Friday slowdown, at Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

The Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia is known for having over 50 km of pristine coastline and is a great place to spend the weekend, especially with its beautiful beaches, theme parks, and nightlife

From @mitchellpettigrew

26. Hiding under mom, this little polar beer spots some strangers, at Manitoba, Canada

From @daisygilardini

27. Would you sit this close to the edge? Enjoy the aerial view of Brazil

From @tioofao

28. Step inside NYC's newest observatory

Offering a transformational experience above the skyline, the SUMMIT One Vanderbilt is the perfect place to fall in love with NYC. Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, it boasts thrilling experiences, a sky-high lounge and café, and a refreshing outdoor terrace. Bookmark this to make your visit to the big apple extra special

From @tourdelust, @gabriel.desanti

29. Chasing waves in Sicily, Italy

From @livesicily

30. Would you live here for a month? On a large island, at Elliðaey island , Iceland

From @h0rdur

31. This is incredible. How would you react if this happened to you? At Quebec Parc Omega

From @chantelle.sharda

32. Winter storms in Times Square, New York City ( it's a throwback)

From @pictureperfectnewyorkcity

33. Adventurous little one, what a happy family, att Manitoba, Canada

This polar bear family was captured in Canada’s Wapusk National Park, a remote subarctic dedicated to protecting one of the largest polar bear maternity denning areas in the world. Besides looking after approximately 1000 bears, the park is also home to around 200 bird species

From @daisygilardini

34. The perfect spot for a proposal, how happy and adorable, at Positano, Italy

From @amand12j / @vivalamatt22

35. The world’s biggest cat

It’s a hybrid offspring of a male lion and a female tiger. It has parents in the same genus but of different species. Distinct from the similar hybrid

From @docantle w/ @kodyantle

36. Rate this view from 1-10, at Airlie Beach, Australia

From @gabidibbs / @_tobyhughes

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