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Wonderful Virtual Destinations To Visit So Far

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1. Hitsujiyama Park at morning, the most gorgeous nooks and corners of Japan with flowers in full bloom

From @tsumizo

2. Beautiful flowers at Mizunohiroba Park

From @tsumizo

3. A flower path at Gessen, it doesn't hurt to dream about its beautiful destinations

From @tsumizo

4. Exploring an underground world at Crystal Cave, Bermuda

Thought to be millions of years old, The Crystal Caves in Bermuda are some of the most awe-inspiring natural attractions you'll ever chance upon. It's home to dramatic formations and a clear ocean-fed lake. "Such a hidden gem in Bermuda! Obsessed with the place and would love to go again and see the second cave that was flooded due to the hurricane. This one is Crystal Cave and you have to do a guided tour that is 30 minutes long and costs $24. If you do both caves it is $35 and the tour takes 1 hour

From @travelwithtalia

5. This surreal bookstore at Dujiangyan Zhongshuge, Chengdu, China is a paradise for bookworms

From @xlivingart

6. Located in the city of Chengdu in China, the Dujiangyan Zhongshuge is a spellbinding bookstore designed by Shanghai-based architecture firm X+Living

From  @xlivingart

7. An epic adventure in Acadia National Park, Maine, USA. What’s your favorite fall hike?

This stunning national treasure is found right outside of Bar Harbor, a small seaside resort on the coast of Maine. Known for its beautiful displays of fall colors, you’ll find spectacular views in every direction

From @breezydaysahead

8. Beautiful tulip flowers field at Showa Kinen Park, Japan

From @tsumizo

9. A lovely day at Fuji Motosuko Resort

From @tsumizo

10. Another picture of Fuji Motosuko Resort, with a Fuji mountain view

From @tsumizo

11. A pleasant day amidst the natural landscapes of Terskol, Russia

This beautiful clip was taken within the vicinity of Lake Donguz Orun-Kel, a stunning multicolor lake that's surrounded by picturesque peaks of the Elbrus region. Do you love spending time outdoors, and if yes, what does the perfect day to you look like?

From @gongapsheva_brows

12. A place for all flower lovers, at Shiofune Kannon-ji

From @tsumizo

13. Living in a fairytale at Bénédictine Palace, Fécamp, France. What's the most beautiful palace you've been to?

Erected at the end of the 19th century, the Bénédictine Palace is an architectural masterpiece of neo-Gothic and neo-Renaissance inspiration. Here you can marvel at prized collections of ancient and sacred art of its founder Alexandre Le Grand, discover the distillery and the cellars, and attend a commented tasting of the popular Bénédictine liqueur

From @anastasia_titarenko

14. Just like a maze, but actually is a bookstore, at Chengdu, China

"Under the effect of mirror ceiling, the staircase in the central literature area is like a ladder straight to heaven. 51 arches' reflection on the ceiling with the light just right makes the space more psychedelic."

The bookstore was opened in 2020 and boasts one of the most striking bookstore designs to ever exist.

From @xlivingart

15. On the stairway to heaven, at Lake Lucerne, Switzerland. This incredible path is located on the eastern side of Lake Lucerne and is a stunning trail you wouldn't want to miss

This incredible path is located on the eastern side of Lake Lucerne and is a stunning trail you wouldn't want to miss. "From Schwyz, take a funicular to the quaint village of Stoos before heading further up the mountain on a chairlift. Once you get to the top, hike the ridge trail for about an hour until you arrive at this incredibly scenic viewpoint. The trail is a bit steep and narrow at parts, but the views are so jaw-dropping that any fear of heights is no match for the feeling of awe you’ll experience throughout."

From @global.viewpoint

16. At Fuji Motosuko Resort, the small version of Fuji mountain

From @tsumizo

17. This glorious pool is one we'd love to take a dip in, especially with unadulterated views of the Dolomites

A place of peace, relaxation, and inspiration, this suspended pool is just one among the many gems in the Italian region that will satisfy your wanderlust

From @jovi_travel

18. Wonderful purple flower field at Fuji Motosuko Resort, Japan

From @tsumizo

19. Walking on a dream, How unreal is this moment shot in the Maldives. At The Whale Bar, Maldives

"We’ve seen so many sunsets on our travels but this one was just incredible! The reflections created by the unique design and architecture of this bar completely enhanced this sunset, moment making it one of the most memorable we’ve ever experienced. This is truly one to add to your bucket list!" The Maldives is currently open for international travelers and is a wonderful destination for a socially distanced getaway. Bookmark this if it took your breath away!

From @terplanet

20. Cheese fondue dreams at Zermatt, Switzerland

Boasting the dramatic snow-capped mountains and verdant landscapes of Zermatt, this picturesque corner of the idyllic Swiss village is the perfect spot to munch on this delicious meal. In the 1930s, fondue was popularized as a Swiss national dish by the Swiss Cheese Union (Schweizerische Käseunion). Today, it remains to be the most popular cheese dish that every visitor should try in Switzerland

From @evyinswitzerland

21. Dreaming of this cozy bungalow by the Turkish riverside, at Trabzon, Turkey

If you want to do some soul-searching in Turkey, staying in the city of Trabzon is a great choice. Nature lovers will be pleased as the city offers lush forests, mountains, rivers, and highlands. If you want to do a bit of sightseeing, café hopping, and picturesque strolling, you can head over to the Trabzon City Centre to enjoy a relaxing yet inspiring day

From @movoyagee

22. A way lead us to Fuji Motosuko Resort, as you can see flowers everywhere

From @tsumizo

23. Hanging out at Copper Peak, Michigan, USA

Did you know that the tallest artificial ski jump in the world is right here in Michigan? Copper Peak is 469 feet tall and 1180 feet above Lake Superior. With the most unique panoramic views, you won’t want to miss the fall colors of the Ottawa National Forest

From @bradvaara

24. Right now at Portugal, we invite you to this awesome home-on-wheels parked in a glorious spot in Portugal. Watch 'til the end for the best cliffside views

The ocean plays a huge role in Portuguese culture, as many of Portugal's famous cities and towns are nestled on the coast. When exploring this country, it's a must to enjoy one of its many seaside towns and locations

From @sebastian_schieren

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