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1. Cherry Blossoms Season is over in Paris but I miss it so much already

1.Jardins des Plantes

2.Place Camille Claudel

3. Eiffel Tower - Trocadero Gardens

4. Shakespeare and Co

5. Eiffel Tower - Trocadero Gardens

6. Petit Palais

From limitlesssecrets

2. Cherry blossoms at the Eiffel Tower

From limitlesssecrets

3. Wisteria in La Grande Mosquée de Paris

Right after cherry blossom season comes wisteria season ! These purple flowers are gorgeous and their smell is divine!

If you are looking for the best places to see wisteria in Paris, do not miss La Grande Mosquée de Paris! The luxurious garden of the mosque offers some stunning wisteria blossoms: it’s purely magical to wander around here

The mosque is open for visits every day except on Fridays (and days of Muslim celebrations), and it’s only 3€!

Please respect this place when you visit it

From limitlesssecrets

4. 3 poses you can do with a flowy dress

That’s a question I get often, so I decided to do a reel with some poses options ! And especially you get the opportunity to see the way to move with the dress to get that specific photo pose!

1. Flick the dress on the side

2. Twirl

3. Walk with a purse

From limitlesssecrets

5. Magical Cherry blossoms in the Parc de Sceaux

The Parc de Sceaux near Paris is one of the most dreamy places with cherry blossoms I have ever seen !

You will find a big field of Kanzan cherry blossom trees in the North Grove. It’s absolutely enchanting, especially early morning as the sun is rising! Look at this light!

Parc de Sceaux. You can come here by RER train from Paris (count around 30 min from Gare du Nord).

By there early and on a weekday to avoid the crowds

From limitlesssecrets

6. Could you guess I was hiding a princess dress, at Magnolias at the Eiffel Tower in the Champ de Mars

From @revolve x @lacademie_

7. Wonderful Cherry blossoms at the Jardin des Plantes

This is the biggest cherry blossoms tree I have ever seen in my life! Seriously this tree is huuuuge and when it’s blooming it’s a great source of wonder! This picture barely do it justice (at least for the size).

You will find it in the Jardin des Plantes. This botanical garden in the 5th arrondissement is one of the best parks to visit in Paris

From limitlesssecrets

8. Running in the cherry blossoms like… at Parc de Sceaux near Paris

From limitlesssecrets

9. Picnic under the cherry blossoms

Girlfriends  + Cherry blossoms + Eiffel Tower + picnic = Goals

Who wants to join?!

From limitlesssecrets

10. 7 Best Places to see Wisteria in Paris

1. Eiffel Tower

2. Au Vieux Paris d’Arcole

3. La Grande Mosquée de Paris

4. Le Marais

5. La Cité Florale

6. Passage Perreur

7. La Campagne à Paris

From limitlesssecrets

11. Magnolias at the Palais Royal

The gardens of the Palais Royal are even more magical when the petals of the magnolias start to fall on the ground, right?!

It’s cold in Paris atm but all the cherry blossoms are out, so do miss them

From limitlesssecrets

12. Picnic under the cherry blossoms

From limitlesssecrets

13. Cherry blossoms at Shakespeare and Company

This iconic English language bookstore is located not far from Notre Dame. It’s very cute, especially when the cherry blossoms are blooming in front of it in April!

But it’s also super touristy, so come early in the morning to take a photo like mine

From limitlesssecrets

14. Cherry Blossoms at the Parc de Sceaux near Paris

From limitlesssecrets

15. Cherry blossoms at the Metro Station Falguière

This square framed by cherry blossoms is located in the 15th arrondissement in Paris is absolutely lovely! It’s named Place Camille Claudel and it’s on line 12 of the metro.

It’s worth to pass by if you are around!

From limitlesssecrets

16. Flying dress and Cherry blossoms at the Eiffel Tower

From limitlesssecrets

17. Pretty Cherry blossoms in the Jardin des Plantes

There are many cherry blossom trees blooming in the Jardin des Plantes in spring and this one is charming! I captured it a few days ago.

FYI the giant pink cherry blossom tree is blooming now in the Jardin des Plantes! I was there this morning: see in my stories how big and fluffy it is! Do not miss it: it’s very photogenic

From limitlesssecrets

18. Because a breakfast at an iconic Parisian cafe is everything

From @cafedeflore_paris

19. The magnificent cherry blossoms at the Eiffel Tower, Trocadero Gardens

This is one of the very best combo of the springtime in Paris: the cherry blossoms and the Eiffel Tower! It’s absolutely magical at sunrise!

From limitlesssecrets

20. Ladies and Gentlemen: Cherry blossoms at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris

From limitlesssecrets

21. Cherry blossoms at the Petit Palais

This beautiful cherry blossom tree is standing right in front of the museum of the Petit Palais

If you are visiting Paris, it’s not far from the Pont Alexandre III and from the Champs Élysées.

From limitlesssecrets

22. Dancing amongst the flowers in Paris

From @timelesslondon__ & @sruti_dalmia & @selkie & by @aw.bridal

23. Better be covered in Paris these days

From limitlesssecrets

24. Cherry blossoms and Eiffel Tower under the snow in Paris

From limitlesssecrets

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