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Europe Bucket List And Wonderful Travel Destinations To Travel To This 2023 #12

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1. Sometimes it’s too late for an apology 🤣❤️

From  @lemonsandlabels_

2. An icon of Prague’s rich history

From @travelwithveronicca

3. Behold the majestic St. Vitus Cathedral within the Prague Castle

Prague Castle, where history and architecture unite in royal splendor

From @whatnextwith_ray_

4. Check out this amazing magic trick at Hamburg, Germany

From @siegfriedundjoy

5. From Vienna, with love

From ranaismail_

6. Craving a mouthwatering experience? This place is an absolute must-try

From @undiscoveredpathhome

7. Romantics things to do as a couple in Amsterdam ❣️

From @traveltogether_cs


9. Join us on this mesmerizing voyage through Dutch ingenuity

where engineering meets artistry, and the breathtaking landscapes blend seamlessly with human innovation

From @travel_coffee_lovers

10. Slide with beatriceant into beauty bliss at Sephora Barcelona!🛝🤩

From beatriceeant 

11. Detailed weeklong itinerary covering Istanbul and Cappadocia for 2024!

A lot of you have asked me on how to plan your trip to Turkey. So here’s my guide to finding the best balance on how to spend your time in this wonderful country!!!
Day 1 : Arrive into Istanbul. If you are arriving early then I would suggest to directly take the connection to Cappadocia. There are 2 airports you can fly to Nevsehir or Kayseri. Nevsehir is the closer of the 2 to Goreme and you can take a shuttle to your hotel in Cappadocia. Stay at one of the famous cave hotels in Cappadocia.

Day 2: Early morning hot air balloon ride over love valley. This usually gets over by 8AM. After breakfast enjoy some the local sights around Goreme

Day 3 : Early morning shoot from Love valley and Rose Valley as you watch the magic of the balloons in the background against the rising sun. After visit the famed fairy chimneys of Pasabag. For sunset visit the Sunset Point Goreme for one of the best sunset views over looking the entire Goreme town.

Day 4: Spend this early morning watching the balloons from your hotel terrace for another unique experience. After this visit the nearby town of Uchisar and the Uchisar castle for some unbelievable other worldly landscapes. Take an evening flight back to Istanbul.

Day 5 : Stay near the Sultanahmet area for being to able to visit the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sofia early morning. After this visit the Suleymaniye Camii at the short walking distance and enjoy a Turkish Tea and delicacies at Mihrisah Cafe. Visit the beautiful Balat neighbourhood for lunch and Enjoy a beautiful sunset from the terrace at Seven Hills Restaurant

Day 6: Visit the Ortakoy Camii and get the beautiful view of the Bosphorus bridge. Visit the markets around here and try some Turkish delights. Visit Galata Tower and Taksim Square in the afternoon and enjoy a sunset boat cruise on the Bosphorus.

From wayfareralivia

12. The beauty of the oldest cafe in Caffè Florian, Venice revealed

From @dearandrea_

13. Venice’s mouthwatering foods

📍 Tonolo, Venice
📍 Ristorante Al Vagon, Venice
📍 Enoteca Schiavi, Venice
📍 Gelatoteca Suso, Venice

From @scottcaneat

14. The Trevi Fountain becomes a stage for Berlin’s brilliance in La Casa de Papel

From  @andreaross.i

15. pov: you stayed at a wonderful hotel when in Budapest

The perfect blend of modern luxury and local vibes in the ❤️‍🔥 of Budapest.

From TT

16. The top view of the beautiful Vienna. 😍

From @nicumaicariu

17. The beauty of Switzerland

From @viktoro_ok

18. Witnessing the frozen wonderland of Norway from above

From @josefwittibschlager

19. When drinking out of a fountain in Italy goes wrong

From @ashyi

20. Pov: you are in Barcelona, Spain and you see Parc de la Ciutadella for the first time 🤩🫶🏼

From  @ordatwins

21. Curated a must-do list for first-time visitors to Valencia!🥰

From @zhanesss_

22. Beautiful Sevilla, Spain, a city full of color and life

From @lotteheijs

23. Winter train rides at Lago Bianco, Switzerland

From @swissmici

24. 48 hours of Vienna in 10 seconds ✨

📍Locations :

- Prater Vienna
- Giant Ferris Wheel
- Schönbrunn Palace
- Hofburg Palace
- Josefsplatz
- Michaelerplatz square
- St. Stephens’s Cathedral
- Danube Tower



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