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Europe Bucket List And Wonderful Travel Destinations To Travel To This 2024 #3

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2. The top view of the magnificent Lofoten Islands, Norway

From @damonbeckford

3. Welcome to Ibiza’s sun-soaked shores

Dive into the essence of summer on the beaches of Ibiza, where golden sands meet crystal-clear waters, creating a paradise for sun-seekers and beach lovers. 🏖️🌞

From @stellas.diaries

4. We are showing you guys Croatia’s magical spots! 💚At Plitvice Lakes National Park

From @dronephotos_dado

5. A quick stroll around Milan, Italy

From @meolafrancesco

6. Ever considered a layover in Frankfurt?

Its Old Town is an absolute gem of Europe. From here there are so many international flights at very low cost.

🍔 When in the Old Town, go to Heininger and ask for a “Leberkäse” burger. My favourite one ever.

From @im.nowhere

7. Unveiling the ancient mystique of the Rock of Cashel, Ireland

From @revdoc_

8. Voices echoing off ancient walls in Venice, Italy

From @esteriorebrothers

9. Embark on a cosmic journey at Blackrock Castle, Ireland

From @guscreator

10. This is what Amsterdam in January feels like 🌈☔️


11. Malta’s coastal charm: Summer unveils the coastal allure of Malta

Malta, where charming fishing villages, hidden coves, and panoramic views of the Mediterranean create an idyllic setting for a summer escape. 🌅🚤

From @undermypinkumbrella

12. Capture the grandeur of the Blue Mosque, Istanbul

From @thetravellingcameras

13. I traveled to an island called Madeira, and it was incredible what I found there 🎒📸🎥

From alfonsootejedor

14. We taking you guys on a virtual tour around Croatia! ✨

📍 Omis, Croatia
📍 Oprna Bay, Krk Island, Croatia
📍 Primosten, Croatia
📍 Rogoznica, Croatia
📍 Brac Island, Croatia
📍 Vrsi, Croatia
📍 Izvor Cetina, Croatia
📍 Zavratnica Bay, Croatia

From @travelcroats

15. Stroll down the famous breakfast street of Beşiktaş

From @itsbusecelik

16. Croatia’s crystal clear water, at Plaža Podrače, Brela

From @croatia_vacations

17. Azure dreams in Malta

Immerse yourself in the azure beauty of Malta’s seas during summer, where the vibrant shades of blue create a stunning contrast against the historic architecture and rocky cliffs. 🌊💙

From @undermypinkumbrella

18. Joins the rhythmic parade of music, culture, and joy.💃 At Italy

From @krisiyanatsacheva

19. Prague covered with snow! 🌨️

From @prague_atmosphere

20. Shows you guys the top view of Piazza San Marco, Venice.😍

From @thiagobomber

21. We showing you guys some of the free things to do in Dublin, Ireland if you’re out of budget. 🤩✨

From @shygirltravel

22. What my phone sees vs what my drone sees🌷at National tulip day in Museumplein, Amsterdam

National tulip day was celebrated on 20th January 2024 at Museumplein in Amsterdam where you can go pick up fresh tulips for FREE🌷

From traveltogether_cs

23. Exploring the enchanting streets of Amsterdam during winter

From @chrisandmich_

24. Italy or  Spain? Where would you rather spend 2024’s summer? 🌞❤️


25. Diving into the azure mysteries of European shores

where each splash is a symphony of summer and every wave whispers tales of coastal bliss. 🌊🏖️

From @antclub__

26. The dreamy side of Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia! 💚

From @never_unpacking

27. Counting down the days until Europe ’s summer vibes! 💫📆


28. Vienna, Austria, a city of palaces and music, invites you to savor the enchantment of its historic sites

From @storyofzhu

29. One of the most under-rated capitals in Europe.

Even prettier in winter, covered in snow ❄️ in love with its Medieval look, at Tallin, Estonia

What to do:

1. Kohtuotsa Viewing Platform
2. 🥞 at Kompressor
3. 🍲 at III Draakon (Medieval tavern)
4. SPA at Hotel Telegraaf
5. 🎉 party at Telliskivi Creative City

From im.nowhere

30. Experience the magic of Slovenia this summer!☀️🌴

From @fuitravel

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