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The Best Of Switzerland (With Videos and Photos)

TravelOpel Admin Switzerland The Best Of Switzerland

Switzerland is the country of soaring Alps and glaciers. It is so gorgeous that you might feel as though you have stumbled into a picture perfect postcard. Switzerland derives its beauty from the snow-clad mountain peaks, shimmering lakes, quaint villages and dense Alpine forests. Switzerland shares a common border with France, Germany, Italy and Austria, which adds a multicultural sophistication to this fairytale beauty. No wonder, this European gem dazzle travelers with its jaw-dropping scenery and cultural delights. With so many spectacular destinations, cities and towns, it is hard to point out the most beautiful places in Switzerland. However, we have tried our best to do that for you.

1. This year the winter is coming back early

From @switzerland.travelguide

2. Around Obersee Näfels

From @he_lin

3. Lovely countryside road Berner Oberland

From @doounias

4. Hi there hooman, how are ya

From @switzerland.vacations

5. Fall in Love, Ernen, Valais, Wallis

From @switzerland.vacations

6. Crazy capers weather in Graubünden

From @federico.sette

7. Good Morning from Switzerland

From @BelvedereLocarno

8. Flying above the waterfall in Foroglio

From @Ascona_Locarno & @TicinoTurismo

9. Beautiful view from Stanserhorn on the lake of 4 cantons

From @timulrich.pix

10. The Glacier Express in Switzerland is a one of a kind train ride with views like no other

From @nael_abu_alteen

11. Have you ever tidied up the autumn before?

From @ursuswehrli

12. Who wants to live in these picturesque rustic houses in Ticino?

From @vayam_photography

13. Night falls at Fribourg Schweiz

From @fribourgtourisme 

14. Strolling by the River Rhine in Basel

From @girlinbasel

15. You can almost hear the soft sound of the water trickling by...

From @einfach_schweizer

16. When the magnificent warm tones of autumn tint Switzerland’s natural landscapes...

From @thealpinists

17. Gold, orange, red, green, blue, grey... the Valais mountains

From @voegelin.fotografie

18. Autumn is the perfect season in which to enjoy a stroll through the streets of Lausanne

From @pier.r.e

19. An autumn stroll through the vineyards?

From @lioneljacquier

20. Would you dare to dive into this mountain lake in the autumn?

From @piri_foellmi

21. Is it a painting? On the contrary, this autumnal landscape is entirely real! Lauterbrunnen

From @sennarelax

22. A new week has come to an end with the sun setting over the city of Bern

From @alain.kuerzi.

23. The village of Morcote in Switzerland

From @taddeimatteo

24. Light and shadow at play: here’s what you can expect to see on a magnificent, colourful autumn walk in the Alpstein

From to @benjaminsavary

25. A romantic, atmospheric sky under which to enjoy a beautiful walk through the vineyards of Lavaux

From @agu_photo.ch

26. Through the Swiss Alps and discover beautiful sights. Furka Pass

From @jn

27. Switzerland’s autumn in all its splendour! The beauty of the Matterhorn

From  @u_thomet

29. Mountain layers wherever you look as a transition from autumn to winter

From @noberson

30. Sunset or sunrise? Either way, the view overlooking Lake Lucerne is absolutely spectacular

From @yingxingdelia

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