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USA Bucket List And Wonderful Travel Destinations 2024 #14

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1. Exploring vast landscapes, where rugged terrains and majestic hills paint a picture of wild beauty and frontier spirit

Have you ever been to South Dakota ?✨

📍Black Elk Peak
📍Badlands National Park
📍Custer State Park
📍Needles Highway

From @trekkertradingco

2. Diving into adventure with Orlando’s thrilling water activities, from swimming with dolphins to feeding birds!💦☀️

From @trektion_

3. Discover Colorados crystal clear lakes and its wonderful nature

💡 Blue Lakes Trail in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado is located in the Mount Sneffels Wilderness between Telluride and Ridgway. This picturesque series of emerald and turquoise alpine lakes is a moderate hike for all levels and one of the best bang-for-your-buck hikes in our opinion.

From @livinginincolorado

4. Behold the autumnal beauty of Aspen, Colorado

💡Aspen, renowned for its stunning mountainous landscape, becomes a mesmerizing canvas of fall colors. During autumn, the hills and mountains around Aspen are transformed with vibrant shades of gold, orange, and red, primarily due to the abundant aspen trees after which the town is named.

From @photogalena

5. Start your day the Korean way at Egg Tuck in Chicago

💡Egg Tuck is Chicago’s exciting new spot for Korean-inspired breakfast. Egg Tuck is quickly gaining popularity for its unique take on the classic egg sandwich, infusing it with delightful Korean flavors. The menu features fluffy, perfectly cooked eggs tucked into soft, fresh bread, along with a variety of innovative fillings and sauces.

From @thehangrylilbrunette

6. Experience the magic of Hawaii

From @itsbecmunro

7. Encountering a bear amidst Alaska’s majestic mountains and breathtaking nature! 🐻

💡 Alaska, the largest state in the United States, is a land of stunning natural beauty and abundant wildlife. Alaska is home to all three species of North American bears: grizzly bears, black bears, and polar bears. Visitors to Alaska have the opportunity to observe these majestic creatures in their natural habitats. In addition to its diverse wildlife, Alaska offers a wealth of outdoor adventures, from glacier trekking and whale watching to dog sledding and northern lights viewing.

From @brookelittlebear

8. Chasing the hues of sunset from a Boston rooftop, framed by stunning cityscapes! 🌆

💡 Boston, Massachusetts, boasts a captivating blend of urban sophistication and natural beauty. Visitors can enjoy stunning sunsets over the harbor, leisurely walks along the Charles River Esplanade, and serene moments in the city’s lush parks like Boston Common and the Public Garden. With its historic landmarks and cultural attractions, Boston offers a vibrant experience for all.

From @global.viewpoint

9. Immersing in the vibrant energy of Chicago

💡 Chicago, nestled on Lake Michigan, is a bustling metropolis teeming with iconic architecture, diverse culture, and endless activities. Don’t miss the vibrant nightlife in areas like River North or the historic charm of Wrigleyville. With its stunning waterfront, world-class museums, and lively neighborhoods, Chicago offers an unforgettable urban experience for all.

From @itsmarkwilcox

10. One of the most beautiful national parks you'll ever see 🏔️💖

💡Rising to 14,408 feet, Mount Rainier is the fourth highest mountain in the contiguous United States. It is approximately 11,000 feet above its immediate base. It covers 100 square miles, which is one-fourth of the area of the park. Climbing Mount Rainier is not for the faint-of-heart. Each year, thousands attempt to reach the top which rises to almost three miles high. It’s sometimes called “the mountain that was God.”

From @thetravelingdans

11. Embracing the blossoming beauty of spring in the magical USA

💡 Spring in Washington D.C. is a delightful time when the city bursts into bloom with cherry blossoms, tulips, and other colorful flowers. The city’s numerous parks and gardens, including the United States Botanic Garden and the National Arboretum, offer picturesque settings for picnics, leisurely strolls, and outdoor events. Spring also brings a vibrant cultural scene to the nation’s capital, with festivals, concerts, and outdoor markets showcasing the city’s diverse offerings.

From @jalex_r

12. This reveals the vibrant beauty of Miami Florida in all its colorful glory!😍

From @sotoms

13. Discover Timpano Las Olas: Where Culinary Heritage Meets Modern Sophistication 🌟

📍 Location: 450 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33301

Timpano Las Olas, a Fort Lauderdale staple since its debut in 1999, has recently undergone a captivating transformation.

Let me take you on a journey through this iconic Italian restaurant:

Bold Approach to Contemporary Dining: Timpano offers a modern menu inspired by culinary heritage.

Whether you’re a seasoned foodie or a curious explorer, the flavors here will delight your taste buds.

Sophisticated Ambiance: Picture rich emeralds, gold tones, and splashes of color filling the space.

It’s like stepping into a speakeasy vibe with a nod to South Florida’s iconic art deco design.

The interior features striking color combinations, bold geometrics, and customized wall coverings adorned with Timpano’s signature icon—the majestic peacock.

Craft Cocktails and Rare Whiskey: Sip on impressive craft cocktails while soaking in the ambiance. Timpano’s extensive whiskey program adds a touch of exclusivity.

Private Wine-Tasting Room: For oenophiles, there’s an exclusive private wine-tasting room.

Imagine swirling rare vintages while surrounded by old Hollywood glamour.

From @timpanolasolas

14. SHARE this with someone who you can’t wait to take a relaxing getaway to Coastal Maine with! 🫶🏻 💌

From @itsloganmarie

15. Escape to Hawaii’s breathtaking views

From @cardozzzaa

16. Escaping to nature's embrace in this charming Maine cabin 🌳😍

💡Places you must visit in Maine:

1- Arcadia National Park
2- Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
3- Cadillac Mountain

From @cfunk44

17. A Little Life in a Treehouse in Coastal Maine 🫶🏻🌳📍

If you’re looking for the perfect relaxing getaway, look no further than Seguin Tree Dwellings located in a classic coastal Maine village, Georgetown! 👌🏻😍
💡The Treehouse comes with two structures; a living space and a hangout space (which can be converted to additional beds) to double the fun during your stay! You can relax in a cedar hot tub heated by a wood fire, enjoy a cold beer on the front porch, and prepare a comforting meal for dinner all with local ingredients!🫰🏻

Things you CAN’T miss during your stay!👇🏼

🥾Reid State Park, located near the Georgetown treehouse, offers stunning sandy beaches and hiking trails.
🦞Five Islands Lobster Co. is a must-visit spot, offering delicious lobsters, lobster rolls, fish sandwiches, corn on the cob, and scenic harbor views.
🎶Robinhood Free Meetinghouse hosts local live music events and is located close to the dwelling.
🏘️Seguin Tree Dwellings is a short drive from Bath, Maine, which has various amenities such as a coffee shop, bakery, grocery store, health food store, yoga studio, BBQ restaurant, and fine dining options.
⏰The treehouse is conveniently located 30 minutes from Freeport, known for the original L.L. Bean store and outlets, and 45 minutes from Portland, which offers a vibrant restaurant and foodie scene.
🛶Guests staying at the treehouse can enjoy complimentary use of canoes and kayaks.

From @itsloganmarie

18. Longing for the crisp embrace of autumn in Connecticut already

💡 Connecticut, often referred to as the “Constitution State”, is a picturesque New England state known for its rich history, charming towns, and beautiful landscapes. Visitors can explore historic sites such as Mystic Seaport and Yale University, indulge in outdoor activities like hiking in the scenic Litchfield Hills or sailing along the Long Island Sound, or enjoy cultural attractions such as the Mark Twain House and the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art.

📍 Matthies Memorial Park, Connecticut
📍 Haystack Mountain, Connecticut
📍 Chauncey Peak, Connecticut
📍 Chaungnam Lookout, Connecticut
📍 People’s State Forest, Connecticut
📍 Mount Tom Tower, Connecticut
📍 Talcott Mountain State Park, Connecticut

From @theloverspassport

19. Explore the untamed beauty of Oregon's landscapes on this epic road trip 🚐😍

💡Oregon is home to Crater Lake, which is the deepest lake in the United States and one of the deepest in the world. It was formed around 7,700 years ago after the collapse of a volcano. The Columbia River Gorge, located in northern Oregon, is a spectacular canyon that stretches for over 80 miles, carved by the Columbia River.

From @thetravelingdans

20. Dive into the captivating alpine vibes of Lake Haiyaha, Colorado

💡Lake Haiyaha, nestled in Rocky Mountain National Park, is not just a stunning alpine lake; it’s a geological marvel! This pristine lake was carved out by glaciers during the last ice age, leaving behind its crystal-clear waters and iconic boulders.

From @thisworldtraveled

21. Wandering through the rugged peaks of Sawtooth National Forest, where adventure awaits 🏔️🤩

💡Sawtooth National Forest is located in central Idaho, within the Sawtooth Range of the Rocky Mountains. It covers an area of approximately 756,000 acres. The park gets its name from the Sawtooth Mountains, a dramatic mountain range characterized by its serrated peaks that resemble the teeth of a saw.

From @georgeandcris

22. Relaxing in Rangeley

There’s nothing quite like a full day spent unwinding and simply lingering in the moment. A day where the stressors of life can’t reach you. A day in which the future doesn’t matter, yesterday can be left in the past, and the present can be entirely appreciated

A peaceful day in Rangeley is exactly that 👌

I spent my morning passing time at the quaint and beautiful. I sipped on some hot coffee before enjoying a breakfast prepared right there at the Inn. I went for a late morning walk, soaking up the town and all the beauty around me. I sat down by the lake and immersed my senses in the sights and sounds of the surrounding nature. I watched as deer came and went, grazing the land as they moved. I took a short drive to the Height of Land for a view that will take your breath away. I finished the day at Restaurant & Pub, where I had the chance to talk to some of the folks who call Rangeley home 🏠

It was a day that felt as if I was living in an old film. It wasn’t an action packed day filled with reservations and activities. But it was a day I needed. A day that everybody needs every once in a while 💙

From @camtravelz

23. Escape to this stunning Black A Frame cabin, at Green Mountains, VT

💡Tucked away in the lush Green Mountains of Vermont, the ‘Black A Frame Vermont’ cabin is a haven for those seeking solitude and adventure. It’s perfectly positioned between Mt. Snow and Stratton Ski Resorts. As an Airbnb SuperHost, the cabin offers a unique blend of modern design and rustic charm, all set within a private 7-acre woodland.

From @cfunk44

24. Everything you need to know for your next great snowboarding experience on one of the tallest mountains in the entire state of Maine🏂 ❄️
Saddleback Mountain📍

🏔️ Visiting Rangeley, Maine there’s an array of outdoor beauty to see and experience, but if there’s one thing above all that you have to do, it’s ski/snowboard at Saddleback Mountain! Just a short drive from Main Street, Saddleback Mountain is one of the tallest mountains in the entire state of Maine, making it the perfect spot for an epic time on the slopes. With 6 lifts that take you to over 65 different runs, you can spend the entire day discovering the different parts of the mountain. ☃️❄️
💡Pro Tip: Take a lift to the top of the mountain, and from there, it’s a short hike to the peak of Saddleback! If you like incredible panoramic views then you’re definitely going to want to check it out. Take in the views of the Rangeley Lakes from over 4,000 feet up!❄️

Maine’s favorite mountain is also Maine’s best value; check out their “season pass” that lets you hit any and all of the ski and snowboard trails sprawling 600+ acres of beautiful Maine wilderness. Plus, there are NO blackout dates or restrictions on any Saddleback season pass! So, If you find yourself in Rangeley during ski season, Saddleback Mountain is something you definitely want to have on your itinerary 💙🤩

SAVE Maine’s favorite mountain and let us know if it’s on your 2024 bucket list yet! 🤩🫶🏼

From @camtravelz

25. Savoring NYC-style pizza perfection🍕

From @devourpower

26. Chasing the golden hour in Arizona, where every sunset is a masterpiece🌄✨

From @thearizonadrone

27. He shows us NYC’s streets in the late 1970’s!🤩

From @oldvintagenewyork

28. San Francisco’s iconic skyline paints a picture of urban elegance 🌆✨

From @thurber_shots

29. Discovering the Beauty of Colorado: Mountains, Valleys, and Skies

1. Rocky Mountain National Park
2. Crested Butte
3. Garden of Gods
4. Maroon Bells
5. Great Sand Dune National Park
6. San Juan
7. Mesa Verde National Park
8. Royal Gorge Bridge

From @menkesinthemountains

30. POV: You wake up to a snowy day in Chicago ❄️🤯

💡Chicago often sees snow in March, averaging four snowy days that contribute to a total of about 5.5 inches of snowfall. This highlights the city’s unpredictable weather as winter transitions into spring.

From @chicagobeer

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