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Animals Around The World Today - August

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1. A baby turtle swimming around Australia

From @benjhicks

2. If you haven’t already heard, sea turtles absolutely love to munch on jelly snacks, especially the color ones

Unfortunately, it also means they frequently mistake plastic for their favourite food, so let’s keep it out of the ocean

From @jacintashackleton

3. The tiger is our greatest guardian. Protecting them, helps protect our forests, rivers and climate

From @shaazjung

4. Little Woodswallow family, at Perth, Western Australia

From @explorenature_tr

5. Nugget enjoying his first day out on Moraine Lake, at Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

From @trailsandbears

6. Enjoying a lil beach wind in the hair

From @bushandreagan

7. Raise your hand if you’re ready for a new adventure

From @findyoursummit

8. The admiring glance of the baby puma to her mother, at Torres Del Paine, Patagonia

From @razeidan.photo

9. Spa day for Maple the baby cow

From @l.thomas.2020

10. Family photos can be interesting

From @finley_the_golden__

11. Sealions surfing giant waves

From @lawofthelandnsea

12. Adorable screech owl loves a head massage

Not a pet. Sadly it’s blind in one eye and wouldn’t survive in the wild

From @mustloverodents

13. Such a skilled hunting session, If you’re looking for an epic wildlife experience, Alaska might just be the place for you

to visit next. Known and loved for its diverse wildlife, Alaska is home to many species including grizzlies and black bears, wolfs, reindeers, dall sheep and bisons. Would you visit Alaska

From @mikewolfel

14. An Orca Whale in action, just want to be friend with those water seal

From @johnrollinsphotography

15. Hurry, the ice cream truck is coming! Look how happy are those penguins

From @myeonghoseo

16. Chased by a giraffe, Giraffic Park, at South Africa

“This young male giraffe was orphaned at a young age and hand reared until he was able to survive in his own and be released back into to wild. So although this may look like an angry charge, it’s just the giraffe “keeping up with the herd” that he imprinted on as a youngster. The giraffe chase happened unexpectedly and we did not force this moment. We do not encourage this type of interaction at all and in fact we avoid it at all costs so that the animal remains wild and free from human interaction. This was an unexpected and unavoidable moment.”

From @mattyardleyafrica

17. Long-tailed Tit, at Hokkaido Japan

From @hajime7212

18. Monkey Business, enjoy the view at Nusa Penida Bali

From @watchluke

19. Hovering in a stiff wind, the Red-Tailed Hawk held its wings outstretched as it cocks its head side to side to scan the ground for prey

Hovering in a stiff wind, the Red-Tailed Hawk held its wings outstretched as it cocks its head side to side to scan the ground for prey, its dark gray wing feathers turning upward as its yellow feet dangle below against the green trees in the background.⁠ ⁠ To get this stunning video, Bill had been watching a pair of Red-Tailed Hawks over the course of several days, marveling at how the birds took advantage of the strong early summer winds streaming down from the Rocky Mountains. As he observed them hovering midair as they scanned the foothills for mice and ground squirrels, Bill noticed this particular bird floating almost level with his lens. The hawk’s head held still while its body moved, its wings and tail working to steady its body while its feet acted as a ballast.

From (@billbryantphotographs

20. Here’s a Happy quokka with a smile

From @cruzysuzy

21. Nap time with baby

From @reneehowell18

22. Just your casual video of a goat riding a sheep, how amazing

From @cablegrl

23. Kayaking with a basking shark in the plankton rich waters around the Isle of Man

From @kimtastagh

24. The whale was entangled in rope & plastic, There are great & rare people like the guy in the video who is Savior of underwater life

From @jonoallenphotography & @lonubreak

25. Entering the weekend like

From @uaflars

26. A video to make you smile. Such an awesome rescue

This little guy, right from the start was just so chill. After we cut the cling wrap plastic off him, he just would not leave. He just hung out till we basically had to chase him off to get out Net back

From @namib_naude @oceanconservationnamibia @mechanix_wear @leathermantools @mygomount

27. Listen to that prehistoric roar!

From @gatorland_orlando

28. A cozy cuddle on a Saturday

From @samsonthedood

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