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Bali The Wonderful Tropical Paradise

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1. The top waterfall in north of Bali you shouldn't skip

This waterfall is located in the village of Sekumpul and Sawan district of Buleleng, Bali.

There are two different ways to this waterfall. One way is from mainway of Sekumpul Waterfall entrance and the other way is from Lemukih Village. If you through from Lemukih Village you'll hike through the rice fields.

From @joefii_

2. Couldn't agree more this is how to enjoy a Sunday in greenaries view like this

From @aurahousebali

3. Morning in Nusa Penida with magical Mount Agung view

From @aylinkko

4. A fresh morning situation in east of Bali


5. What is your favorite spot to enjoy a nature in Bali?

Batak Legacy is another place set within lush of jungle located in Baturiti village, Tabanan regency, Bali.

Batak actually originally name of ethnic in north Sumatera west of Indonesia.

North Sumatera is also familiar with Toba Lake which the icon of tourism in Indonesia

From @apologiee

6. Perfect weekend getaway in Pecatu south of Bali

Those white style villa with private pool it is nestled among natural jungle. Which place do you like for Bali Get Away?

From @madiaubakirov

7. Let this be your tranquil escape while in Bali

Kumbuh Jungle is eco-bamboo house situated in Tembuku village, Bangli regency. If you keen with the serenity into peacefulness, this is might good choices

From @andrea___danieli

8. We giving you guys the best choices if you want to enjoy a nature of Ubud

From @m.simonicova

9. Can you imagine when take a dip here? At Sandat Glamping Tents

Sandat Glamping Tents has eco luxury ambience and surrounded with the jungle of Ubud. Save this place for your next Bali travel!

From @vinaarysthadewi

10. Splendid morning view in the jungle of Karangasem village, East Bali

From @valentinoluis.indonesia

11. This view look so unreal

The Mulia Bali is located in Nusa Dua with majestic coastline of south of Bali. From their pool you'll welcome by signature Balinese inspired statues of ladies harvesting rice signifying prosperity and wealth in this ultimate luxurious surrounding. Would you stay here guys?

From @uniquepassports

12. Soak up in the sun at infinity pool and enjoy a view over blue ocean like this

From @tianapaea_

13. Take a breath of fresh air at Sidemen village of east Bali. It's far by clackers ball (lato - lato) sounds and hustle bustle of the cities

From @jordhammond

14. If you have fun in Bali, don't forget to careful

From @elenka_bobkova

15. Strolling around Ubud, Lumpia (Spring Roll) is a street food you must try

Lumpia is a Indonesian food it's made by flour wrapped filled by vegetable, meat, egg, and etc

The taste is good when you eat with their sauce. There are lot of kind Lumpia, but commonly found in Chinese or Southeast Asia cuisine. Anyway, have you tried Lumpia while in Bali?

From @melalibaliofficial

16. Wow need an extra effort to see magical view of Ubud from this bamboo house?

From @ririchao

17. Did you know in Indonesia are not only Bali province?

Indonesia it's lot of places you can discover to get new experiences. And yes, from Sabang to Merauke you can set a new bucket list travel in 2023

From @lostmasala

18. Unbelievable infinity pool in the middle jungle of Ubud

From @barbaviajera

19. Spending the best day with your lover, at Bali

From @explorerssaurus_

20. Anyone ready to see parade of Ogoh - Ogoh in Bali?

This sneak peek “Kala Duskarana” is from Banjar Adat Kauh, Pecatu, Kuta Selatan in 2023.

Ogoh - Ogoh is a sculptural works of art who made mostly by woods, woven, styrofoam, paper, etc. The parade Ogoh - Ogoh always celebrate when one day before Nyepi (Bali's Day Of Silence) which is falls every March. Save the date March, 21st 2023 for the parade in Bali!

From @st.dharma_pertiwi

21. A moment to breath with special someone

From @iw.wm

22. Every vacations you need to long rest and enjoy the private jacuzzi isn't it?

Ubud is a must first stop when you travel to Bali!

From @aylinkko

23. POV: The newest beach in south of Bali called Batu Barak beach

These exotic place has two white rocks side by side it's instagramable for your moments in Bali. Would you visit this place guys?

From @aripratama_putu

24. Flower bath with rice terrace view. What do you think?

From @meeekss__

25. Do you interested to explore Bali beyond beautiful nature? See a places in the video below

1. Jembatan Tukad Bangkung (Bangkung River Bridge)

2. Nusa Penida

3. Bayan Ancient Tree - Tabanan

4. Mancingan Rice Terrace - Tampaksiring

5. Savana Tianyar - Karangasem

6. Kintamani.

From @sucisulastrii

26. Bali expectations vs reality, at Ulundanu Beratan Temple Bedugul

From @pilotramadan

27. POV: Strolling around east of Bali to see magical Mount Agung and clear blue sky

At Banjar Padang Tunggal, Desa Duda, Kecamatan Selat, Kabupaten Karangasem, Bali

From @yurri92

28. Stoked to see amazing sunset in the infinity pool

By the top of north west of Bali indulge your self while stay here

From @ekoyulist

29. Looking for resort included beach club in Nusa Ceningan, Bali? Yes! this is the answer

Le Pirate is a resort based with a beach club who had a ocean views of Nusa Ceningan Island. If you want to Nusa Ceningan, You need to take a ferry from Sanur Harbour to Nusa Ceningan approximately 45 minutes. See you soon in Bali

From @travelistta

30. Swinging in the jungle of Ubud. Would you swing here?

From @aagnesefontana

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