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Switzerland The Wonderful Destinations To Travel This March 2023

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1. Visit the glaciers while it is still possible and easy! Here is the second part of the must visit glaciers in Switzerland which are easily accessible

📍Gorner Glacier
Getting there: One of the most beautiful glaciers in Switzerland and the third longest glacier in the Alps. It's about 12 km long and is located at the foot of several well-known 4,000 metre summits. Take the the train up to Gornergrat, from where you can enjoy the best view of this glacier.

📍Oberaar Glacier
Getting there: The Oberaargletscher is a 4 km long glacier situated in the Bernese Alps. You can nicely see the glacier from the Restaurant and Berghaus Oberaar, where you can get by car or a cable car. The hike takes you along the north shore of Lake Oberaar to the foot of the Oberaar glacier in around one hour.

📍Pers Glacier
Getting there: Another amazing glacier that requires almost "0 efford". Just take the gondola up to Diavolezza (2973m) and enjoy this view of the Pers Glacier, Piz Palü (3900m), as well as Piz Bernina (4049m).

Getting there: To enjoy the view of this incredible glacier, you just need to take the train up to Jungfraujoch. The uphill trains stop at the station Eismeer (second highest railway station in Europe) for 5 minutes to allow passengers to observe the view of the glacier Ischmeer.

📍Allalin Glacier
Getting there: The Allalin Glacier is a 6 km long glacier situated in the Saas-Fee area near the Allalinhorn. Hiking is required to reach the glacier but it's definitely worth it! There are two options: Hike from Mattmark to Schwarzbergchopf (red trail) or hike from Felskinn/ Morenia to Britanniahütte (Be note that the trail from Felskinn to Egginerjoch is closed till 31.10.2022).

📍Another easily accessible glacier is 'Glacier du Scex Rouge' at Glacier 3000

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2. Switzerland Love

Switzerland is a great country in terms of accessibility to some seemingly remote places. People who would otherwise not be able to get to the high mountain passes or even the high mountains and glaciers can easily get to these places by cableways, cars, trains, etc.

Here are just a few examples that come to mind: The Rhône Glacier accessible from the car park at Furkapass, the Jungfraujoch (3463m) accessible by train (the highest railway station in Europe), The Klein Matterhorn (3883m) accessible by cable car (the highest cable car in Europe) and many many more.

Would you believe that this magnificent place with 3000-meter high mountains and a gigantic glacier is accessible only a few steps from the parking lot, and for free too?

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3. Summer 2022 throwback, the best moment at Switzerland

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4. What to do in Summer at Switzerland

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5. Waking up to this view

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6. Zürich from above. Have you ever witnessed such an incredible sunset form a plane window over Switzerland?

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Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the best places to enjoy the autumn golden season. Imagine a hike through a forest full of golden larches with the white mountain peaks or a walk through a city full of trees and leaves of every possible colour from yellow, orange and red in the sunny autumn weather - so idyllic

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8. One of the most remote and beautiful villages in Switzerland. Who would want to spend the night here? At Maggia Valley, Ticino, Switzerland

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Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the best places to enjoy the autumn golden season.

Imagine a hike through a forest full of golden larches with the white mountain peaks or a walk through a city full of trees and leaves of every possible colour from yellow, orange and red in the sunny autumn weather - so idyllic!

Below you can find the second part of my recommendation of the places to visit in Switzerland in autumn and where to see fall foliage

✔️ Leukerbad (Valais)
✔️ Zermatt (Valais)
✔️ Lötschental (Valais)
✔️ Lauterbrunnen Valley (Berner Oberland)
✔️ Blausee (Berner Oberland)
✔️ Ticino
✔️ Fronalpstock (Schwyz) - one of the best spot to find a cloud inversion in Autumn

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10. Autumn in Switzerland

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11. Autumn is the season that teaches us that change can be beautiful

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12. Just wait for it

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Looking for some inspiration where to go this winter in Switzerland to find some 'winter wonderland' vibes? ❄️ Check out the list below with my 10 favorite villages in Switzerland to visit in wintertime:


✔️ Saas-Fee - beautiful village nested in between 4-thousanders and glaciers, skiing from 3500m.

✔️ Mürren - definitely one of the most picturesque villages in Switzerland, car-free, great skiing and winter hiking.

✔️ Grimentz - beautiful underrated village located in the Val d'Anniviers (Valais).

✔️ Zermatt - legendary 'Matterhorn' village can't be missing on this list.

✔️ Lauchernalp - located in the magic valley of Lötschental, skiing and many winter hiking options with great views of Bietschhorn (3934m).

✔️ Lauterbrunnen - Not only is Lauterbrunnen beautiful in summer when everthing is green, but also during the wintertime which makes it even more magical.
✔️ Arosa

✔️ Ftan - hidden gem in the Scuol area, worth visiting together with Guarda, Ardez and potentially Sent, Scuol, Tarasp.

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Looking for some inspiration where to go this winter in Switzerland to find some 'winter wonderland' vibes? Check out the list below with another 5 beautiful villages in Switzerland to visit in wintertime:

✔️ Ardez - hidden gem in the Scuol area, worth visiting together with Guarda, Ftan and potentially Sent, Scuol, Tarasp.

✔️ Engelberg - Whether you visit Engelberg in winter or summer, this is a place to suit everyone. Mt Titlis is a year round destination and you can aleo enjoy the toboggan runs, skiing, snowboarding, sledding and winter hiking.

✔️ St. Moritz - world class skiing and other winter sports, nice walk throughout the village especially during the Christmas season.

✔️ Braunwald - Braunwald in winter offers skiing, hiking, toboggan runs, ice climbing, and other winter activities. Imagine a winter hike through the fairy-tale mountains of Braunwald with a panoramic view of the Tödi, Ortstock and other Glarus peaks :)

✔️ Breitenfeld - this place is not inhabited in the winter, however, it's absolutely worth a short winter hike from Turren (Lungern).

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Winter hiking in Switzerland is like walking through a real winter wonderland - snowy mountain scenery, the crunch of snow beneath your feet and warm mountain huts. Although regular winter hikes are considerably less demanding than hiking in the summer, it's still a good way how to stay in shape and enjoy the fresh air during the cold months.

Get inspired by my recommendations below for winter hikes in Switzerland👇🏻

🥾 Panoramaweg Rigidalalp (Engelberg)
Hiking Trail: Engelberg, Ristis Bergstation -> Rigidalalp -> Brunnihütte SAC -> Engelberg, Ristis Bergstation
Distance: 5km | Duration: 2h 5min | Elevation gain: 280m

🥾 Schwellisee-Winterwanderweg (Arosa)
Hiking Trail: Arosa, Innerarosa -> Schwellisee -> Arosa, Innerarosa
Distance: 4km | Duration: 1h 30min | Elevation gain: 150m

🥾 Breitenfeld-Panoramaweg (Lungern)
Hiking Trail: Lungern, Bergstation Turren -> Chuematt -> Breitenfeld -> Lungern, Bergstation Turren
Distance: 5km | Duration: 2:00h | Elevation gain: 260m

🥾 Rotenboden-Riffelberg-Weg (Zermatt)
Hiking Trail: Zermatt, Rotenboden -> Zermatt, Riffelberg
Distance: 2km | Duration: 50min | Elevation gain: ↑ 20m, ↓ 260m

🥾 Winter Adventure Trail Lauchernalp
Hiking Trail: Mountain station "Lauchernalp, Holz" -> Hockenalp Chapel -> Lauchernalp Chapel -> Mountain station "Lauchernalp, Holz"
Distance: 4.6km | Duration: 2:00h | Elevation gain: 250m

🥾Val Roseg winter hike (Pontresina)
Hiking Trail: Pontresina -> Acla Colani -> Alp Prüma -> Alp Seguonda -> Restaurant Roseg Gletscher -> back to Pontresina
Distance: 14km | Duration: 3h 30min | Elevation gain: 230m

🥾Via Engiadina Winter. Etappe 2, Guarda – Ardez
Hiking Trail: Guarda village centre -> Bos-cha -> Ardez Railway Station
Distance: 5km | Duration: 1h 30min | Elevation gain: ↑ 25m, ↓ 240m

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Get inspired by my recommendations below for winter hikes in Switzerland👇🏻

🥾 Pizol-Panoramaweg (Bad Ragaz)
Hiking Trail: Bad Ragaz, Laufböden -> Pizolhütte -> Bad Ragaz, Laufböden
Distance: 4km | Duration: 1h 20min
| Elevation gain: 150m

🥾 Riederalp-Fiescheralp (Aletsch Arena)
Hiking Trail: Riederalp -> Bettmeralp -> Fiescheralp
Distance: 9km | Duration: 3h 25min | Elevation gain: 460m

🥾 Morteratsch-Winterwanderweg (Pontresina)
Hiking Trail: Pontresina, Morteratsch -> Gletscherzunge -> Pontresina, Morteratsch
Distance: 7km | Duration: 2h 5min | Elevation gain: 170m

🥾 Philosophenweg Muottas Muragl
Hiking Trail: Muottas Muragl - Lej Muragl - Val Muragl - Muottas Muragl
Distance: 7km | Duration: 3h | Elevation gain: 420m

🥾 Mürren - Gimmeln - Schiltgrat
Hiking Trail: Mürren, Schilthornbahn (1650 m ü. M.) -> Schiltgrat (2127 m ü. M.)
Distance: 4km | Duration: 1h 45min | Elevation gain: 490m

From swiss_voyage

17. Sunset ski rides in Aletsch Arena, Valais, Switzerland

By the way, can you spot the Matterhorn in the background?

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REGION in winter. SAVE this for your future trip

The Jungfrau Region is definitely one of the most beautiful regions in Switzerland visited by thousands of locals and international tourists every year. No wonder! The Jungfrau Region offers incredible mountain scenery, romantic villages, many tourist attractions and it's one of the best ski resorts. You can also looks for plenty of winter hiking trails, cross-country skiing, sledding, ice skating, etc.

Here is the my list of places in the Jungfrau Region that you need to visit in winter:

✔️ Birg - Thrill Walk (2684 m)
✔️ Lauterbrunnen (802 m)
✔️ Mürren (1638 m)
✔️ Wengen (1274 m)
✔️ Kleine Scheidegg (2061 m)
✔️ Jungfraujoch (3463 m)
✔️ Schilthorn - Piz Gloria (2970 m)
✔️ Grindelwald (1034 m)
✔️ Männlichen (2343 m)
✔️ Grindelwald First (2166 m)

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19. What a view to wake up to, at Baeren, Switzerland

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20. Switzerland, incredible

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21. Cable car views in Andermatt, Switzerland be like...

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22. Ingredients for an amazing winter day: sunshine ,a huge dump of snow, and a scenic mountain view of the Swiss Alps

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Paragliding is definitely better together. You get to watch each other take off and land, and you can also make amazing third-person shots of each other while in the air

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24. Blue Hour in Zermatt

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Many people wouldn't even consider travelling to Zermatt and back from Zurich for a day, because it's simply too far and you spend quite a lot of time on the train. In the end, it's not so bad and you can enjoy a full day's activities in beautiful Zermatt without having to pay for an overnight stay.

Here is our itinerary for a day trip in Zermatt:
✔️ 06:02 - 9:14 Train ride Zürich HB -> Zermatt
✔️ 09:30 Breakfast at Petit Royal (Their hot chocolate is a must have in Zermatt!)
✔️ 10:30 Walk to the 'Zermatt Matterhorn Viewpoint'
✔️ 12:15 Paragliding from Rothorn (3103m)
✔️ 14:48 Train to Riffelberg
✔️ 15:15 Hiking from Riffelberg to Rotenboden and back
✔️ 16:47 Train ride Riffelberg -> Gornergrat
✔️ 17:45 Sunset on Gornergrat
✔️ 18:18 - 22:28 Train ride Gornergrat -> Zürich HB

*We also wantedto do the toboggan run from Rotenboden to Riffelberg, but we missed the opening hours of the rental shop by 5 minutes

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26. PLACES TO VISIT IN ZERMATT IN WINTER for first-time visitors

Looking for the ultimate winter adventure in Zermatt? Check out these 6 must-visit spots for first-time visitors!

Schwarzsee 2583 m - Schwarzsee is one of the middle stations on the way to the Klein Matterhorn. You can hop off the cable car and walk a short distance to enjoy fantastic views of the Matterhorn. The ZERMATT sign is just a 2-minute walk from the Schwarzsee station.
•Getting there: Furi - Schwarzsee cable car
•Price: 48 CHF return trip (no additional fee if you already have a ticket to Klein Matterhorn)

Rothorn 3104 m - When you ride up to the Rothorn you will use three totally different transportation systems, a funicular through a tunnel, a gondola and a cable car ride.
•Getting there: Sunnegga Blauherd Rothhorn Funnicular and Cable Car
•Price: 64.5 CHF (discounts apply)

Klein Matterhorn 3883 m - To get to the summit you will ride three cable cars from Zermatt to the highest mountain station in Europe.
•Getting there: The Matterhorn Glacier Ride
•Price: 95 CHF (discounts apply)

The Riedweg Viewpoint- I highly recommend visiting this viewpoint during the blue hour, search for “Zermatt Matterhorn Viewpoint" in your Google map
• Getting there: 15-minutes walk from the Zermatt train station
•Price: Free of charge

Gornergrat 3135 m - The cogwheel railway takes you up from Zermatt to 3,100 m and even the journey is a great experience with a constant view of the Matterhorn. At the top a fantastic view of the Swiss Alps and glaciers awaits you.
•Getting there: Gornergrat Railway
•Price: 88 CHF return trip (discounts apply)

Riffelberg 2582 m - My personal favorite place for the best views of the Matterhorn.
•Getting there: Gornergrat Railway
•Price: 68 CHF return trip (no additional fee if you already have a ticket to Gornergrat)

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Our adventure started with the scenic Palm Express bus from St. Moritz, passing through picturesque Chiavenna and indulging in delicious Italian pizza in Menaggio. We explored the charming villages of Bellagio and Varenna, soaking in the breathtaking views and Mediterranean atmosphere 

"Who knew a one day trip from Zurich to Lake Como was possible? I didn't until I tried it! And not only did we soak up the stunning scenery, but we also indulged in some delicious food and drinks.

This is our travel itinerary:
*  7:07 - 10:18 Train ride Zürich HB -> Landquart -> St. Moritz via the Vereina Tunnel
*  10:25 - 13:11 The Palm Express from St. Moritz to Menaggio (IT)
*  A quick visit to Chiavenna, a small medieval village located in the center of the Alps
*  Visit Menaggio
* Take Away pizza for lunch from 'La Trattoria Costantin'
*  14:05 - 14:30 Ferry from Menaggio to Bellagio
*  Visit Bellagio (Punta Spartivento, Basilica of St. Giacomo, Salita Serbelloni street, Villa Melzi gardens)
*  15:50 - 16:05 Ferry from Bellagio to Varenna
*  Visit Varenna (Greenway dei Patriarchi, Vecchio porto, Chiesa San Giorgio)
*  16:55 - 17:10 Ferry from Varenna to Bellagio (We oroginally wanted to take a fast ferry to Como which was sold out)
* Quick Aperol Spritz before taking the bus to Como at 'Aperitivo Et Al'
*  18:02 - 19:15 Bus ride from Bellagio to Como
*  19:23 - 21:55 Train ride Como -> Lugano -> Zürich HB

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From the impressive glaciers of the Engadin valley to the lovely palm trees of Lake Como and Lugano – the Palm Express starts in St. Moritz and takes you on a journey to Lugano via the traditional villages of Silvaplana and Sils in the Upper Engadin, leading over the Maloja pass down to the Val Bregaglia, the charming Italian town of Chiavenna and the beautiful shore of Lake Como. The journey’s final destination is Lugano.

Want to visit some of the most beautiful places around Lake Como? Then get off in Menaggio and take the ferry across to Bellagio or Varenna.

✔️ The Palm Express - Postbus line 631
✔️ Route: St. Moritz – Chiavenna - Menaggio – Lugano
✔️ Distance: 178 km
✔️ Duration: 4 h
✔️ Timetable: From St. Moritz and Lugano: year-round operation; one Postbus course every Friday, Saturday and Sunday; daily operation from 19 Dec 2022–02 Jan 2023 and from 02 Jun–22 Oct 2023
✔️ Food & Beverages: No catering services on the PostBus
✔️ Ticket: This route is fully covered by the Swiss Travel Pass (Flex) and GA travelcard
✔️ Reservations: Seat reservations are mandatory and should be made by 8.30 a.m. on the day before departure. Reservatioens can also be made by telephone or e-mail
✔️ Bicycle transport: Bicycle transport is not available

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29. Train Views from Switzerland


1. Brienz Rothorn Train

2. Matterhorn Gornergrat Express

3. Wengen to Lauterbrunnen

4. Preda Viaduct RhB

5. Sunset at Gornergrat Express

6. Lauterbrunnen

7. Pontresina Bernina Express

8. Landwasser Viaduct

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30. Charming Varenna, a hidden gem on the shores of Lake Como

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