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Beautiful Virtual Travels and Pictures Around The World

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1. The dark cloud is coming, but the color of sunset is still amazing, at Queensland, Australia

From @mitchellpettigrew

2. Clear day at the coast near Queensland, Australia, sunset hour is the best of the day

From @mitchellpettigrew

3. Best buddies doggo with the dolphin love swimming and enjoying the island life at the Turks and Caicos Islands

From @waketowaketc & @taylorfischer116

4. Peaceful sunset vibes, at a beach near Queensland, Australia

From @mitchellpettigrew

5. Walking past epic display in SoHo, New York that will truly make you stop and stare

SoHo, an acronym for South of Houston Street, is a popular neighborhood tucked in Lower Manhattan in New York City. It features art galleries, luxury boutiques, and independent-designer outposts, as well as a buzzing nightlife scene. If you love shopping and living a cosmopolitan lifestyle, make your way down to this artsy neighborhood

From @shanef3d

6. The perfect reflection with the burning sky, at Australia

From @mitchellpettigrew

7. Marveling footage of the ancient temple complex of Abu Simbel, Egypt, built approximately between 1264-244 BCE

The Abu Simbel Temple comprises two individual temples, both rock-cut structures built during the reign of King Ramses II. One temple is dedicated to King Ramses II and the second temple is dedicated to his wife Queen Nefertari. The carvings and artwork that decorate the temples are extremely delicate, having lived through thousands of years

From @amr.a.salah

8. Basking in paradise, let's dive, at Bahamas

From @jess.wandering @everchanginghorizon @matt.venturing

9. Immaculate vibes in Tenerife, the largest island of the Canary Islands, known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and idyllic villages

This skateboarding session was shot at Mount Teide, the main star of the show in Teide National Park. Teide National Park is one of the most visited national parks in Europe and offers spellbinding views and impressive flora and fauna. Does this make you want to visit Teide? What are your favorite places in the Canary Islands?

From @ruuben16

10. The coolest tricks of pro motosurfer at Bahia, Brazil, How would you describe this stunt?

This was shot on the beaches of Bahia State in Brazil. Its capital, Salvador de Bahia, is a sought-after tropical beach destination and is a melting pot of African and European culture. Its peak season is from December to March when music festivals and nightlife are at their peak

From @jacobjetski & @nicksurfnick

11. Mirror with the perfect color, at Queenland

From @mitchellpettigrew

12. A dust devil spotted in Alto Las Vizcachas, Chile. Have you ever seen one in person?

Also known as sand devils, dust devils are an interesting phenomena that usually show up under hot, clear-sky conditions with light winds. They're relatively small and brief whirlwinds that occur when a land surface heats rapidly, with much cooler air above it. The hot air then stretches and causes a spinning motion, similar to a tornado

From  @rodrigoviverosphoto

13. Crystal clear water with the burning sky ahead, at Queensland

From @mitchellpettigrew

14. Sitting back in this idyllic steam train in Bernese Oberland, a lovely way to get around the extraordinary Swiss region

A popular and attractive region in the south of Bern, Bernese Oberland is a beautiful destination with a vast range of landscapes such as lakes, snow-capped mountains, quaint mountain villages, hiking trails, and so much more. Whether by train or by foot, exploring this region will surely be a tranquil and unforgettable experience

From @world.from.my.eyes

15. This outdoor jump compilation and wolfdog makes us want to explore the great outdoors(with a furry friend)

If you're wondering about the picturesque backdrops, they were all taken in the Southern Alps of France. This area boasts fantastic weather that's mostly sunny all year round, as well as dramatic natural landscapes that look straight out of postcards.

From @wolf_instinct

16. Pastel amazing sunset with the color at a beach near Queensland

From @mitchellpettigrew

17. Big mood when we finally wake up to the weekend at Silvretta-Stausee, Vorarlberg, Austria. Waking up bright and early in the Silvretta-Stausee in Austria is a great way to jumpstart the morning

The Silvretta-Stausee is a reservoir situated at the highest point of the Silvretta High-Alpine Road. It features three dams and a beautiful circular hike surrounding the reservoir that's commonly used for cycling, hiking, and bird watching. It's a great place to spend quality time with friends and family

From @elias_schwaerzler

18. The waves are coming

From @mitchellpettigrew

19. A volunteer taking care of a turtle at Ogasawara Islands, Japan

an environmental conservation organization that aims to protect green turtles and other creatures in Ogasawara, Japan. The "Turtle Center" takes in and rehabilitates ill or injured sea turtles, and helps raise young turtles from eggs to their release into the wild. It's nestled in the Ogasawara Islands, a World Natural Heritage Site and an archipelago of over 30 subtropical and tropical islands located south of Tokyo

From @ogasawara_marine_centre

20. Swimming with the fishes, at Bahamas

From @jess.wandering @everchanginghorizon @matt.venturing

21. Moments that make you feel alive at Australia

From the East Coast to the West Coast, Australia offers some of the most iconic beaches with unique stretches of sand and surf. Going to the beach is an inherent part of Australian culture, symbolizing pleasure, freedom, and independence

From @danielbarrrington

22. The plane now become the amazing place for photos, at Bahamas

From @jess.wandering @everchanginghorizon @matt.venturing

23. Piano under water at Bahamas

From @jess.wandering @everchanginghorizon @matt.venturing

24. Check out thrilling flight as he makes his way down Mount Saksa, Norway

Whether by flight or by land, witnessing the spectacular views over the Norwegian fjords and mountains is truly an experience of a lifetime. Hiking Mount Saksa usually takes 2-3 hours and is suitable for all skill levels—so if you're a seasoned climber or a beginner hiker, you'll be pleased to enjoy a great adventure here

From @mariusbostrand

25. The path lead you to the place so you can enjoy this amazing sunset at Queensland 

From @mitchellpettigrew

26. On top of the world at First Cliff Walk, Grindelwald, Switzerland

This incredible 'floating' bridge in Grindelwald, Switzerland paves way to the most breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps, particularly the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau mountains. Called the First Cliff Walk, the suspended walkway is 260-metres long and is situated 2,000 meters above sea level

From @michelphotographych

27. Dive deep, under the crystal clear water at tropical paradise Bahamas

From @jess.wandering @everchanginghorizon @matt.venturing

28. Exploring Alligator Reef, Florida, USA. It's always a joy to spend sunny days amidst blue skies and clear turquoise waters, especially in this Florida destination

Don't be fooled by its name—there are no alligators to be found in the Alligator Reef, so you can jet ski and snorkel here safely. Fun fact: the reef was named after the USS Alligator, a maritime ship that ran aground after encountering pirates in 1822

From @_aquadan_

29. A walk with the friendly shark, The Bahamas is a tropical paradise with more than 700 islands

From  @jess.wandering @everchanginghorizon @matt.venturing

30. The most perfect day with views as excellent as the weather at Altai Mountains

This was shot in the Altai Mountains, a mountain range that spans Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and a small part of China. The area offers a variety of landscapes that make it perfect for all kinds of outdoor sports, such as trekking, backpacking, skateboarding, climbing, kayaking, and mountaineering

From @amedved.film

31. Boat day with friends, include sharks, at Bahamas 

From  @jess.wandering @everchanginghorizon @matt.venturing

32. Magical moments aboard at Nesso Gorge, Italy

A respite for those seeking calm, Nesso is a tranquil village sitting on the banks of Lake Como in Italy. The Nesso Gorge, locally known as Orrido di Nesso, is one of the best natural wonders in Lake Como. You can enjoy the views on the Ponte della Civera, a Romanesque bridge made of stone, or by going on an idyllic boat tour.

From @lakecomo_boat

33. Under the sunken plane at Bahamas

From @jess.wandering @everchanginghorizon @matt.venturing

34. Ready to take a dive with the sharks, don't worry they are friendly, at Bahamas tropical paradise

From @jess.wandering @everchanginghorizon @matt.venturing

35. Full view of the cruise ship we exploring today, at Bahamas, explore the Bahamas' underwater world is a must

From @jess.wandering @everchanginghorizon @matt.venturing



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