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The Best Of Norway

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1. Camping in the mountains of Lofoten, Norway

From @elisabethmathisen

2. Who would you like to go camping with in Norway?

From  @eklaf

3. Steindalsfossen in Kvam, Hardanger, one of the most popular waterfalls in Norway

The Steinsdalsfossen has a fall of 50m and is special because you can walk safe and dry behind it. The fall occured in 1699 when the river changed course

From @traveler_ir

4. Hiking Slogen in Norway, sending good vibes to you

From @eliasandkajsa

5. Who would you visit Norway with in 2022?

From @gofjords

6. Lofoten Islands, where giant mountains meet the cloud and sea

From @pebuyck

7. Hiking Romsdalseggen in Åndalsnes

From  @eliasandkajsa

8. From 1-5, which of these places in Norway is your favorite?

From @danielfatnes

9. Trollstigen, one of Norway’s most beautiful mountain roads

From @twintheworld

10. Incredible sunset in Lofoten, the burning sky

From @butterfly_in_winterland

11. Who would you visit Trolltunga and enjoy the view with?

From @bomkanari

12. Who would you visit Fjellhaugvatn in Norway with?

From @danielfatnes

13. Henningsvær in Lofoten. Is this the coolest soccer field in the world?


14. Svartisen Glacier, the second largest glacier in Norway, You’ll be provided with an ice axe, helmet, harness and an experienced guide

From @sunchase.journey

15. Friaren waterfall in Geiranger, Have you ever been to Norway?

From @eventyrpappa

16. This is how it’s like to be a fisherman in Norway

From @benjamin_bakke

17. Tvindefossen in Norway

From @riceandpotato

18. Epic jump at Tegningsfallet, Rendalen

From @kenstornes

19. Natural infinity pool in the Sunnmøre Alps, my kind of EU bucket list

From @lilloveraa

20. Over the skies in Lofoten

From @hilling89

21. Outdoor bathroom views, Can you name this fjord in Norway?

From @siljeaspaas

22. Soaring down a 700-meter long zipline over Vefsna River in Mosjøen, Norway. Who would you like to try this with?

From @gydawinther

23. Flydalsjuvet viewpoint in Geiranger

From @rotihaug

24. Norwegian summer. Who would you travel in Norway with in 2022?

From @eliasandkajsa

25. Midnight walk in Norway

From @wegerk1

26. Cruising down the majestic Trollfjord in Lofoten, Norway

This is the perfect way to explore Lofoten and its hidden gems while, all from the comfort onboard the silent hybrid-electric boat

From @brimexplorer

27. Beautiful sunrise at Preikestolen

Situated 604 meters above Lysefjorden, Preikestolen has been named one of the world’s most spectacular scenic viewpoints. It also has some of the most dramatic scenery that Fjord-Norway has to offer

From @adrianfenes

28. Skiing down the mountains of Helgelandskysten

From @livlundl

29. Lofoten Islands is just breathtaking

From @tylerwayneglass

30. Amazing sea eagle catch, at Lofoten, Norway. One of the highlights is without a doubt when a sea eagle circles a few meters above your head

This is the eagle with the largest wingspan in the world (up to 2.65 meters). In Northern Norway you can go on tours and get the chance to meet sea eagles while also experiencing Norway’s scenic landscape

From @svinoyarorbuer

31. This is why you should travel to Norway this summer

From @juliasdaysoff

32. The 945m tall Mardalsfossen in Norway

From @kuhrmarvin

33. Kayaking in the fairytale-like Steigen in Norway

From @elisanilsen

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