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Europe Bucket List And Wonderful Travel Destinations To Travel To This 2023 #10

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1. There’s a place in Europe that is like the most authentic EPCOT you’ve ever imagined, It's in Rust, Germany

with 19 themed lands, adrenaline-pumping roller coasters, amazing authentic food… and all for less than HALF the price of a day ticket to EPCOT.

From packdsuitcase

2. A special welcome for 2024 in the heart of Napoli, Italy

From @peppemor

3. POV: Falling in love 🫶

From traveltogether_cs

4. We still can’t get over new year’s celebrations in Geneva

From @max_lc

5. Eiffel Tower, Paris like we have never seen before

When a DJ decides to create a mind-blowing show🤯

From @raphaelmetivet

6. Unbelievable moment in Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France

From @juliiathompson

7. Let the good vibes roll


8. Paradise tucked away on Portugal’s Atlantic coast, where golden beaches stretch out as far as the eye can see, backed by pine woods

💡: The sands run down to a turquoise sea and a view of the Arrábida hills over the bay.
Free-flowing space, indoors and out, is the essence of Spatia Comporta’s understated luxury. The resort buildings blend with the Mediterranean landscape, in perfect harmony with their natural surroundings.
Modern architecture that combines clean lines with the region’s traditional building crafts results in a contemporary feel and complete privacy. The hotel’s outstanding standards of service ensure that our guests can relax in comfort, and let Comporta work its magic.Catch your breath and enjoy life’s pleasures

From openklosetbykarina

9. A bird’s eye view of Fjordgård’s ice-clad splendor, Norway

From @josefwittibschlager

10. the beauty of L’alba al Colosseo, Rome. 😍

From @alessiobruniroma

11. The Eiffel tower in all it’s glory. ✨

From @ziborovaziborova

12. Discover the Beauty of Switzerland

From @swisswoow

13. Want to visit Neuschwanstein Castle?

This is by far the best way I found as a solo traveler to make sure I got tickets to see the famous castle. While they did sell tickets online directly on their site if I didn’t rent a car, this was by far the easiest way to see not one but two beautiful castles. I also visited Linderhof Palace, and got a tour of that one as well. It was located at the site of King Ludwig 2 father’s hunting lodge. He built a rococo palace inspired by Versailles and King Louis 13.
After we visited the town of Oberammergau a Bavarian town in the alps. It was magical with the frescos painted on the facades of the buildings.
Finally we made it to Neuschwanstein Castle which inspired the Disney Castle at Magic Kingdom. This castle is definitely more of a hike than I imagined as you can see by my dress, unless you pay the 8 euros to take a carriage ride up to the top. The tour lasted about 35 minutes and inside you can see the finished rooms. Interesting fact the castle was never finished as King Ludwig 2 died of mysterious circumstances after being deemed incompetent to rule. There was enough time to dine and I grabbed potato dumplings from Restaurant Alpenstuben.

From travelsofsarahfay

14. Takes us to a quick stroll around Vienna, Austria. 😍

From @8thdistrictphotographer

15. Not getting over the lighting of the Christmas tree in Milan any time soon 😍

From @kavalaomer

16. To a quick tour around Paris. 😍

From @maaaples_

17. Spectacular Night at the London Eye, London with Van Gogh inspired fireworks🎆

💡 Witnessing New Year’s Eve in London is an unforgettable experience, particularly in the vibrant atmosphere near the London Eye. This iconic landmark, representing British architectural prowess and cultural significance, stands as a focal point for the celebrations. The addition of fireworks at the London Eye has transformed it into a symbol of festivity and joy, radiating the spirit of New Year’s Eve across the world. It embodies optimism, fresh beginnings, and the enduring charm of London.

From @hobopeeba

18. The beauty of Lake Como in Italy. 😍

From @takemyhearteverywhere

19. Standing tall, the Eiffel Tower watches over Paris like a gentle giant

From @parisien_parisienne_number1

20. Is there anything better than dancing the night away in Milan with strangers?

From @mmariamgogolashvili

21. Winter in Switzerland look like ❄️

From @takemyhearteverywhere

22. There’s no better way to represent “Berlin” than a custom-made 🌶️

From @cedricgrolet

23. Witness the beauty of Porto, Portugal

From @mr.goldenhour_

24. Celebrating the magic of Temple Bar in Dublin

From @jos_style_lifestyle

25. We shows you guys a magical location Taormina. ✨

From @markoconforti

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