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Europe Bucket List And Wonderful Travel Destinations To Travel To This 2023 #5

KingdomOfCat Admin



1. Dives into Vienna’s winter fairy tale.❄️❤️

From @8thdistrictphotographer

2. Brussels, where every corner sparkles with Christmas joy. 😍

From @pahaadi_soul

3. Immersing myself in the festive decorations of Germany.🎅❤️

From @nataliasluca

4. “Magical Christmas vibes in the heart of France✨🎄✨

From @ale_trinchero

5. Welcome to Aria Hotel Budapest
which is an Exquisite Boutique Hotel Design Inspired by Music

From openklosetbykarina

6. Mallorca holds a special place in my heart as my favourite island among the Mediterranean Sea destinations

I have enjoyed visiting multiple times over the past couple of years. Exploring this enchanting island’s hidden beaches, historic towns, and stunning Serra de Tramontana mountain range is an absolute delight

From finnghal

7. Amazing this landscape overlooking the Alps while enjoying the heated pool in the hotel

Have you ever visited Grindelwald, Switzerland?

It’s a beautiful country all year round, but during the winter the landscapes are even more beautiful in my opinion

From inesonthego

8. Bastille day is over, that doesn’t mean we’re over Paris’s brave men

From @mely_wu

9. Come with us to Wintertraum in Phantasialand in Germany ❄️🤍

Phantasialand is a themepark and is a perfect weekend getaway in Germany for your friends and family. Wintertraum is officially open! Phantasialand is a quick train and bus trip from Cologne and is located in Brühl and boasts of must see things to see and do!

☑️Must see things:
- Sea of lights at Kaiserplatz
- Hotel Ling Bao garden in the evening
- Magic Symphony - Light. Fire. Passion Finale at Kaiserplatz in the evening

☑️Must do roller coasters:
- Taron - 100% recommended!
- Black mamba
- Winjas force
- Colorado adventure
- F.L.Y.

You can book one of many hotels available in the park which is easily accessible and makes it convenient for you to leave the park at any time you want during the day! It was great to wake up in Hotel Ling Bao, have breakfast and knowing I have another full day at Phantasialand, I definitely recommend booking a hotel stay to make sure you can spend as much time as you want in the park and so you can go on every ride since you will have an extra day of fun (depending on how many days you stay). With different themes around the park, it becomes magical in the evening with the twinkling lights at Kaiserplatz, Hotel Ling Bao and more places around the park. It is stunning and not to be missed. The Fireworks show was spectacular and definitely one of the highlights of my day so make sure to stay for the fireworks as well!

Wintertraum is open now until the end of January so make sure to go before it ends!

From @traveltogether_cs

10. Discovering Vienna’s cultural riches

Places to visit:

📍Cafe Central

From @mooorganic

11. Don’t settle for less when it comes to gelato!😉🍨At Romeo Gelato Italiano, Rome

From  @romeitalytravel

12. Experience Switzerland’s breathtaking nature in both spring and winter

From @marcoxmarques

13. Experience the enchanting beauty of Berlin’s streets, where twinkling lights and festive cheer illuminate the city. 😍

From @bo3bdulla

14. Experience the magic of Christmas in Italy!🌨️🤍


15. Getting cozy in Copenhagen, where Christmas hygge is in the air!🎄❄️

From @mariadjonsson

16. Here are some places you need to visit in Paris during Christmas

From  @travelwjenn_

17. In London, even the iconic landmarks get dressed up for Christmas.🎅🎄

From @bitatilimizvar

18. Magical moments under the twinkling lights of Paris during Christmas time

From @neil.travel

19. Paris in its full glory!✨

Discover the best Eiffel Tower views from these enchanting spots!

From @fashioninmysoul

20. Pov: you’re enjoying snow in Paris for the first time!❄️🤩

From @liumelendez

21. Snow tubing into the frosty season 🤩☃️❄️

💡The Tobogganing Park in Leysin, in the Vaudois Alps, prepares special slopes for “snowtubing”, this slightly crazy winter activity for winter sports enthusiasts and thrill-seekers! The best fun of your holidays with family or friends!

From @wirth.a.trip

22. ✨Sunrise at Big Ben, Good morning from London!

Cannot believe we had this beautiful spot all for ourselves!

Pro Tip: head there early, while the city is still asleep! We were there around 7AM!

From tinkerbelltik

23. The royal palace of Caserta, Naples, Italy

If you happen to visit Italy, there is a MUST-VISIT attraction near Naples that you cannot miss!
Constructed by the house of Bourbon - 2 Sicilian families as the main residence of the King of Naples, The Royal Palace of Caserta was designed UNESCO World Heritage Site & it’s the largest palace erected in Europe during the 18th century!
Entrance fee: 15€
Visit duration: half a day

Fun fact: In 1998, the palace was a filming location for Star Wars: Episode One - The Phantom Menace.
Also, it might come as a surprise but Caserta is Palace is much bigger than Versailles in France!

From jasminea.decker

24. Christmas 🎄 already in the corne


25. When snow draped everything, it felt like the perfect Christmas!🎄


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