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Budget Travel Tips With Amazing Destinations Around Japan

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1. Today is "Hinamatsuri". For the first time in "Katsuura Big Hina Festival"

From @kiyomis_photo

2. Right now at Super Nintendo World, USJ, Osaka

From @smine27

3. It only snows a few times a year in Tokyo. Sensoji Temple, Asakusa is often crowded with people when it snows

but there aren’t many people out in this image. The dilemma - stay warm or get out to see the winter wonderland of Tokyo?

From @yasufumi_phot

4. Rapeseed field during magic hour, at Azumayama park, Ninomiya town

From @sugalenin

5. Cherry blossom at Nishihirabatake Park, Kanagawa

From @kz_pht

6. A beautiful day at Seaside Park Soleil Hill, Kanagawa

From @sanbonsuge1986

7. The magic door let you to be anywhere, at Yanagiyama Agriland, Kagoshima

From @miyaaaaaachi

8. The spring is here, at Nishihirabatake Park, Kanagawa. Can you feel the smell of sakura?

From @kyoko1903

9. When Kanto was hit by heavy snow early in the New Year, the Gundam statue at Kanagawa was transformed with snow

This powerful image shows the mecha braving the pure white sky - very cool hey?

From @motoe_japan

10. Kawazu Zakura cherry blossoms and canola flowers in Minami Izu town

Minami Izu town is a warm place that is located at the south of the Izu Peninsula near Tokyo. So you can see the early flowering variety of cherry tree "Kawazu Zakura" in February every year. 800 of cherry blossoms bloom on both sides of the Aono river which flows through the center of the quiet hot spring town

From @1min.traveller

11. How winter season look like in Mount Akagi, Gunma

From @gusanguno

12. In the middle of the snow, at To Oboke Station, Tokushima

From @akira_1972_

13. 2 Recommended waterfalls to visit in Japan are: Shirahige Falls, in Hokkaido. And Kegon Falls, in Nikko Tochigi

From @eva.anggeriani

14. Amazing train ride with winter view in Aizu Kawaguchi, Fukushima

From @eva.anggeriani

15. The scenery that is soothing just by looking at it, at Isumi Railway, Chiba

From @mi_yu_ki_so

16. Early blooming Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo. Don't forget to save this for later

From @ariel.land

17. Yellow canola flower & Mt.fuji at Azumayama Park, Kanagawa

From @tomo_lovephoto

18. It's sakura season, how beautiful is this view, at Minami Izu, Shizuoka

From @1min.traveller

19. One love for Miyagi, come to this amazing city, at Sendai daikannon, Miyagi

From @zookomi0124

20. Come to Nikko, Tochigi at January for this festival


21. Cherry blossom through the len with the Tokyo Sky Tree, Tokyo at the background

From @1min.traveller

22. "Kiyotsu Gorge Tunnel", Tokamachi City, Niigata Prefecture, perfect reflection

From  @jun.s.freed

23. At Robot Cafe, tokyo, you can call robot to serve you

From @eva.anggeriani

24. Mr. Ebisu of Nikita Shrine in Saga

From @megumi.7188

25. Pika-pika, at Queens square, Kanagawa. This is really adorable..

From @mii_pikapika

26. This is how the best mochi in Japan was made. At Nara, Omochi

From @eva.anggeriani

27. At Ginzan Onsen, Yamagata, winter is the best season of the year to visit this place


28. Super Nintendo World, Universal Studios Japan

From @thedisneyzan

29. The way to the top of Kusatsu Onsen, Gunma

From @japanweekender

30. The Ono Basin is surrounded by mountains. Echizen Ono Castle, also known as Hirayama castle at Echizen Ono Castle, Gifu

towers over Kameyama at 249m in the center of Ono City. The castle appears to float on certain days and this “castle in the sky” effect sees it slowly disappear in a sea of clouds. Watching the town gradually disappear makes you feel as if you’re lost in ancient Ono for a moment

From @_ka0ri

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