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The Beautiful New York City

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1. The Giant Ferris Wheel in Times Square is open today, if you look at this, don't forget to visit

From TT

2. New York city at night from aerial view, this is so amazing

Discovering NYC by night is one of the most exciting experiences you could do! We suggest you to either walk on the Brooklyn Bridge and have all the Manhattan skyline in front of your eyes… or simply stroll around Times Square and let the lights do all the magic…

From @shaleen.s

3. Broadway NYC ! Have A Blessed Day Everyone

From @sonamempire

4. The summer is almost over but soon will be the leaves season, at Brooklyn Bridge

From  @walk_with_jcc

5. Times Square Wheel, would you give it a try?

From @newyorkcitykopp

6. Rainy nights in Dumbo, New York

From @dylanwaalker

7. Stay still, and we will take you over New York city destinations in 14 seconds

From TT

8. The Edge is the highest open-air observation deck in New York City. This is really a MUST VISIT when you come here, Imagine sitting on those stairs and enjoy the full view of the city and its lights

From @nybucketlist

9. Through the wires, is an amazing building

From @cgmart_

10. Let your dreams be your wings, at Top of the rock, One of the most beautiful open air observation decks in NYC

From @lonelytravels_

11. One city, endless lights. Once you have been in NYC, nothing will ever look the same

From Paul [ @beholdingeye ]

12. Dream apartment in NYC. That view at Day, Night, Sunset, Sunrise... always the best city in the world

From @niiick8_

13. Brooklyn bridge park, The perfect sunset walk - A must-visit during your NYC trip

Here is where you have to come if you want to have a relaxing stroll with the best views of the city’s skyline

Getting here is very simple: once you cross the Brooklyn Bridge, walk in the direction of the East River and then follow the water: this park is an incredible walk next to the river

We advise you to visit it at sunset / dusk : the colors of the skyline mixed with the sky are unbeatable

From @ph88rh

14. Central Park from above, how amazing is this

From @jmeade_photo

15. West Village beauty, don't forget to add some green to your house

From  @alexandrabloom_nyc

16. Swimming and enjoying the night in Equinox Hotel at Hudson Yard - right in front of The Vessel, at New York City

From @meirschon

17. It's a beautiful day to enjoy the view, at St. Patrick cathedral on the 5th Avenue

From @212sid

18. I would never get tired this view from The Edge: what a masterpiece

From TT

19. New York's buzzing financial heart and home to Wall Street, at Flatiron District, NYC

From @mkvisuals_ig

20. Amazing view from Manhattan Bridge

From @jalex_r

21. Magic in New York, do you know from which observatory this video was recorded? At Top of the rock

From @palooomita

22. Everyday is a busy day, at Times Square, New York City

From @yushi.95

23. Sunrise over Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York

From @newyorkcityviews

24. Don't forget to ride a helicopter when you arrive at New York city, it will be an unforgotten moment

From  @jmg_visuals

25. Late night lights in Dumbo, Brooklyn Bridge

From @dylanwaalker

26. Crystalline building, only at New York

From @skyalign

27. New York city at night with a view from above, how beautiful is this

From Paul [ @beholdingeye ]

28. Light at the end of the tunnel, stay safe guys, at Statue of Liberty National Monument

From @raylivez

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