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Wonderful Things Around USA

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1. Los Angeles, CA - 1932 and 1984 Summer Olympics

From @ibutsubo @kellyvohs @jordanpulmano @boreganic @_jeremybanks @jkawshar

2. The sunset in Oceanside, California, just hits different with its colorful, eye-catching hues

Spend a day here to soak up the sun and visit the California Surf Museum to learn more about the history and culture of surfing. Have you been to Oceanside?

From  @ssjr__

3. Your next adventure awaits! Take a road trip through Utah home to five national parks and 45 state parks. This state has a little bit of everything for the outdoor-lover in all of us

From TT

4. St. Louis, MO - 1904 Summer Olympics

From @ibutsubo @kellyvohs @jordanpulmano @boreganic @_jeremybanks @jkawshar

5. Truly immerse yourself in Oregon Forest! After a long day of hiking, unwind in the natural pools of Umpqua Hot Springs.

From @franckreporter

6. San Lorenzo Canyon in New Mexico offers fun outdoor opportunities

such as secluded hiking trails and hidden camping spots. Surround yourself with monumental rocks capes and enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature

From @steverule

7. A phenomenal perspective of the flourishing green forests of North Cascades National Park, Washington

This is your sign to take a road trip with friends and see the beautiful, unique waters coming from the surrounding glaciers of the Cascade mountains

From @dillongogarty

8. Puppy-love views in front of the turquoise glacier water of Diablo Lake. Always a must-stop when passing through the North Cascades National Park in Washington

From @guznenkova

9. Captured from above zip lines through the lush green forests of Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains. Truly a stunning view if you dare to look down

From  @meliam241

10. Sunsets above the clouds is a whole vibe and something magical at Maui, Hawaii

Nothing short of a dream while watching the sunset over Maui, Hawaii, in the incredible Haleakala National Park

From @postcardsfrom.tina

11. Squaw Valley, CA - 1960 Winter Olympics

From @ibutsubo @kellyvohs @jordanpulmano @boreganic @_jeremybanks @jkawshar

12. Enjoy this time lapse view of the milky way, seen in the incredible clear skies over Haleakala National Park in Hawaii

Known as the “House of the Rising Sun” this park has mind-blowing views of the ocean and sky from sunrise to sunset

From @joedomrad

13. Enjoy sights and sounds like this throughout the incredible 5,500 acres of Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas

With over 40 kilometers of hiking, the park’s full of endless scenic views and beautiful trails. Tag the hiking buddy you’d like to bring here

From @amberlijo

14. Northern California is just spectacular. There’s more beauty and wildlife than I ever imagined

Put it on your bucket list if you haven’t been! Unbelievable views of the wildlife and nature in the magical Redwoods National Park

From @the.wanderpreneurs

15. If you haven’t heard of this hidden gem, tap the location and explore the stunning views of Colchuck Lake, Washington

With its clear, azure waters and rugged mountains as the backdrop, it’s a local hidden gem

From @anggeventure

16. Get lost in the beautiful sunrise views of Oregon’s Crater Lake National Park

known for its natural wonders, including the Mount Mazama volcano, which has now become submerged and hidden in the caldera of Crater Lake. The views are truly spectacular from every angle

From  @vwsong, @allencoke, @billzhou.png

17. Have you visited the Redwood National Park in California?

It’s home to some of the largest trees in the world, which can grow up to 75 meters. If you really want a special treat head to Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka and find the Redwood Skywalk for a high-up view of this amazing forest.

From @nathanleeallen

18. Your summer lake vacation awaits and there’s no better place to start than Hidden Beach in Lake Tahoe, California

Have a fun and relaxing day in the sun at this secluded spot and cool off in the crystal clear waters of this natural wonder

From @brian.walker

19. Atlanta, GA - 1996 Summer Olympics

From @ibutsubo @kellyvohs @jordanpulmano @boreganic @_jeremybanks @jkawshar

20. Do you know what happens to the retired Casino signs of Las Vegas?

They keep on shining at The Neon Museum! The museum houses over 200 vintage signs and hosts seasonal exhibits all year round. After sunset, it’s a truly spectacular, one-of-a-kind experience

From @ourglobetrotting

21. Shoshone Falls in Idaho, also known as the Niagara Falls of the West, is a natural wonder

that will take your breath away with its unforgettable views. This spectacular view can be enjoyed from the nearby park overlooking the falls, and kayakers can usually be spotted in the water below

From @davidmrule

22. Goblin Valley State Park in Utah is known for having a Mars-like landscape on Earth

If you enjoy stargazing, this valley is the perfect stop off Route 12 with one of the clearest, darkest night skies in the world. Are you planning any fun road trips this 2021?

From  @hellotwobytwo

23. Recognize this scene? At The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, California

The observatory is now open to the public and visitors can look through telescopes and explore exhibits to learn more about the cosmos

From  @kriskuganathan

24. Calm, crystal clear water that stretches out as far as the eye can see, at Diamond Head, Hawaii

a beautiful aerial shot of Waikiki Beach with a view of Diamond Head in Oahu, Hawaii

From @richardpodjr

25. View on views on views, It was a dream come true to hike the Navajo Loop at sunrise, at Bryce Canyon National Park

We got to the switchbacks about 20 minutes before sunrise and it was absolutely magical to watch the sun light up the canyon. It's recommends stopping by Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah to enjoy this amazing rockscape. Have you been here before

From @itsgia_xoxo

26. Sprawled across a massive expanse of Death Valley in Nevada

you can explore the vast breathtaking views of the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes. Visit during sunrise or sunset to capture the spectacular orange hues and glow

From  @danielbonsig

27. Got to camp on a beautiful island all by ourselves in the middle of a little lake, at Voyageurs National Park

That evening the water turned to glass and it felt like we were gliding across the clouds. Talk about incredible lake views, Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota encompasses four large lakes and over twenty small bodies of water with perfect pathways for kayaking and canoeing

From  @tdcameraman

28. This desert oasis has all the scenic drives and trails and is home to almost 2 million saguaro cacti, at Saguaro National Park

From @rocknroamgirl

29. Rocky Mountain National Park is the perfect family trip for nature lovers or anyone who enjoys mountainous views and distant friendly critters

Also known as the Rockies, this stunning Colorado national park is lush with plant life and dense wildlife. As you move higher, the landscape gives way to evergreen forests and alpine lakes

From @folkandfreedom

30. Located in the beautiful mountains of Grassy Creek is one of North Carolina’s few geodesic domes

North Carolina’s few geodesic domes. Right at your doorstep are acres of lush forests and lots of hiking trails to discover. Have you ever visited a place like this

From @kwallyfresh

31. Lake Placid, NY - 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics

From @ibutsubo @kellyvohs @jordanpulmano @boreganic @_jeremybanks @jkawshar

32. One of my favorites - Isle Royale National Park - is known for its remoteness

You can only get to it by boat or seaplane, a bird’s eye view of Lake Superior in Michigan. This park offers unparalleled seclusion and a range of activities from boating and kayaking, to hiking and scuba diving. There’s nothing quite like exploring the peaceful wilderness

From  @drewmason

33. Spend the day visiting Sun Studios and Graceland Estate, and head to the iconic Beale Street in the evening for some sweet tunes.

Memphis is the hotspot for all fans of blues and rock ’n’ roll. In between visiting attractions, try out the delicious barbecue Memphis has to offer. It’ll leave every foodie craving more

From TT

34. Jump in and explore snorkeling in Puerto Rico



Discover reefs and mangrove coves around the island. Choose to take a boat out or just swim directly from the beach. The possibilities are endless for sea life viewing in Puerto Rico

From TT

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