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USA Bucket List And Wonderful Travel Destinations 2024 #4

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1. Yosemite valley dancing fog

From  @markian.b

2. A windy evening on the Olympic Coast 🌊

From @ryanresatka

3. You MUST add these 3 National Parks to your 2024 bucket list 🙌🏻😮‍💨

From @natyexplora

4. ✨ Possibly one of the most underrated National Parks we have!

Located in West Virginia, New River Gorge National Park is home to some of the most spectacular hiking, rafting, and rock climbing in the United States. There’s plenty of adventures to be had in this East Coast beauty!

From @thenationalparktravelers

5. The southern Oregon coast is the best🫶🏼

From @megannjustine

6. Oregon is calling 👀

We’re getting pretty excited for another road-trip down to the USA happening very soon. Oregon & the west coast makes for such a fun winter road-trip & it’s gonna be great to drive down the coast and check out some new spots from Washington to California. Can’t wait to bring you guys along on the adventure

From @yakeandmarie

7. Our National Parks are great, but have you heard of these unique locations?! 📍👇🏼

📍 Cutler Point, Utah
📍 Devils Garden, Utah
📍 Devils Bridge, Arizona
📍 Taughannock Falls, Upstate New York
📍 White Pocket, Arizona
📍 Umpqua Hot Springs, Oregon
📍 Lake Michigan Lakeshore, Michigan

Where would you go first? Save for your next trip! ✈️ 🚗

From _lamy.wandering

8. Zion overlook 🏞🤙enjoy every lil thing u love doing and never stop exploring ❤

From @janklain13

9. MUST SAVE for your next Grand Canyon trip

Although Havasu Falls is arguably one of the most gorgeous falls here, there is another one you may not have heard of!

Tucked away off of the North Kaibab Trail is a place called Ribbon Falls. This is a long and hard hike but 100% worth it. Round trip it is 16.8 miles with over 5K ft. of elevation gain. Or if you want to make it even longer like I did, you can make it a stop along the way when doing Rim-to-Rim. This route is much harder and ends up being over 25 miles.

This hike is no joke and you NEED to come prepared. When we started the hike in the top of the canyon, it was very chilly. But temperatures rise fast and by time we were in the bottom of the canyon, it was 100 degrees out. Make sure to have appropriate LAYERS for the varying temperatures. Carrying enough WATER is imperative and ELECTROLYTES are important to replenish everything you are sweating out. The trail is in full sun so SUNSCREEN is a must. Bring plenty of FOOD because you will be on the trail for many hours. A HEADLAMP and extra batters are important as you might not make it out before dark. And don’t forget the rest of the 10 ESSENTIALS which you should always carry with you on any hike.

💡Taking a dip in the falls will feel amazing in the middle of this hike! Bring a bathing suit if you don’t want to get your clothes wet. Trust me you will be happy you did!

From @bianca_velardi

10. Our purpose here on Earth: to manifest the very nature of our spirit✨

From _lamy.wandering


12. Can you name all our National Parks in alphabetical order?

Me neither, but enjoy a quick view of each one

From @mattandkarensmith

13. Southern Utah to Arizona Road Trip Itinerary 🚗

Day 1: Bryce Canyon
Hike Navajo Loop and Wall Street
Day 2: Coral Pink Sand Dunes
Go sand boarding and check out Kanab for some cute restaurants and shops
Day 3: Lake Powell
Rent a kayak or boat or the day
Check out Antelope Canyon or Horseshoe Bend
Day 4: Sedona
Hike to Birthing Cave and Subway Cave

What’s your favorite stop? Is Utah and Sedona on your list?

From @adventurewithanna_

14. It was one of those real-life fairytale kinda places 🥹

From eyeofshe

15. Which one would you visit first?😍

From @megannjustine

16. I could watch this for hours 🤩

From @tom_juenemann

17. Horseshoe Bend

From @janklain13

18. Spectacular Mount Rainier National Park 😍At Which is your fav National Park?

From @lukekellytravels

19. Zion is spectacular 😍At Utah, USA

From @marius.rost

20. Incredible cave in the Sedona wilderness all to ourselves!

From @traceyandimari

21. One of the coolest places I’ve ever been, at Oregon

From @jakeguzman

23. I didn’t suspect this waterfall to be this big but they said it bigger than Niagara falls. this place is in Idaho, Shoshone Falls🤙

From @janklain13

24. Sedona wins again for best in snow

From @pang_bang

25. This magical place is home to some of the most stunning landscapes in America

At Olympic National Park, located in Washington

From @thenationalparktravelers

26. One of the most beautiful views on the Oregon Coast 😍

At Natural Bridges, Brookings, Oregon

Can go wrong with making this one of your stops on you’re Oregon Coast road trip!


27. save this hidden gem for your next trip to Oahu 🤙🏼🌊

Did you know of this hidden beach in Hawai? Halona Beach Cove is the perfect location to have a beach day in Oahu!

Some perks:
- Cliff Jumping
- Less tourists
- Caves
- Snorkeling (be extra careful swimming bc the waves can be crazy)

From @limitlessleisure_

28. For a few weeks every February, if conditions are perfect, the sun sets in just the right position to light up the falls, making them appear as if they are on fire, at Yosemite National Park

From @markian.b

29. Remembering that one time it snowed in Sedona 🏜❄️

From @ryanresatka

30. 11/10, the best view you will need right now

From @roceansphere

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