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USA Bucket List And Wonderful Travel Destinations 2024 #5

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1. Can’t get over this view😍 At Mt Rainier National Park

From @natyexplora

2. Yosemite! A winter wonderland! ❄️

From @ramesh_ks01

3. Tag someone who needs to see this😍

From @mattandkarensmith

4. No matter how many times I drive through this valley I always get goosebumps! At Yosemite National Park 😍

From @codyconk

5. Right now at Bryce Canyon National Park

I always try to shoot at sunrise or sunset to avoid crowds, and also to take advantage of better lighting. The emptiness is also an illusion. I came across a few people while shooting this, but because it’s made from photos, I just wait for people to pass before taking the next shot. It makes the hikes seem emptier than they really were. This section of Bryce is called the Queen’s Garden.

From @thewildiswaiting

6. Few things are better than Yosemite’s welcome! 😍🔥 Who else remembers entering this park?

From @destinationhiking

7. Narrows, Zion National Park [Details👇]

👉Type: Bottom Up Hike
(For Top Down you would need permit)

👉Entry: Riverside Walk from Temple of Sinawava

🕐Time required: To finish the entire bottom up hike upto Big Springs, you would 9-11hrs round trip. However you could also return from iconic spots through the hike.

👉Best spots in Bottom Up hike:
📍Narrows Alcove - 3 miles rt
📍Oderville Junction - 6 miles rt
📍Wall Street (in the video) - 7 miles rt
📍Big Springs (end of Bottom Up) - 10 miles rt

👉Gears: Zion Outfitters situated near the Zion Visitor Centre. They provide advance rentals (a day prior) to be able to start the hike early.

👉 Please check Zion shuttle timings before you go.

From @lensandadventure

8. Angel's landing Zion national park 🏞️ Who else has done this hike!?🙋‍♂️

From @ashleyanaomi

9. Jet skiing through slot canyons is always gonna be a dream 🤩

From @the_mt_gallery

10. What state should I do next? Let us know

From @tylerwayneglass

11. Haven’t been to Utah yet? Bryce yourself 🏜

From @cdesmondtravel

12. Zion's West Rim Trail😍

From @thewildiswaiting

13. Guess this place😍It's at US

From @mitch_explores

14. Utah has some of our favorite state parks and wilderness areas.

From @wanderful_em

15. Navigating through the twists and turns of these slot canyons was both challenging and fun

We certainly had our fair share of laughs trying to maneuver our bodies to fit through the tight spaces 🤣 thankfully we made it out in one piece!

🥾trail details:
📍dry fork narrows, peekaboo and spooky slot canyons
📍6 mile loop
📍649 ft elevation

*There is a new sign at the trailhead this year with posts demonstrating how narrow spooky slot canyon gets that allows you to see if your body will fit before attempting it. if this part makes you claustrophobic, you can always do the dry fork narrows section instead and skip this one.

From @jess.kesti96

16. Consider this your reminder to get out there and explore!! 😍Where are you hiking next?

From @destinationhiking

17. Oregon Coast hits like different world 😍Have you been here?

From @maxloew ❤️

18. Here are top 10 Moments around the world

📍Seeing the Volcano in Iceland
📍Watching Firefall on our Anniversary
📍Fall Colors in New Hampshire
📍Helicopter Flight in Kauai
📍Visiting every National Park in California
📍Snorkeling in the Virgin Islands
📍Visiting Washington for the first time
📍Visiting Canada for the first time
📍Finishing the Trans Catalina Trail
📍Seeing sunset above the clouds

From @theloverspassport

19. Happy National Parks week. Enjoy all 63 parks from A to Z courtesy adventure

👉 always remember to follow the 7 principles of leave no trace when enjoying the outdoors.

From @mattandkarensmith

20. Have you ever been to📍Yosemite National Park?

From @christiancyan

21. Have you hiked Angel’s Landing in Zion National Parks 🤩

If you plan to hike this trail, please be careful! People have passed away hiking it😭🤍

From @theotherside_vlog

22. The hike of Half Dome at Yosemite is a MUST if you can! Who else is crazy enough to do this hike!?

From @sarahmiasham

23. This hike is a must-do in Yosemite National Park 🌈

⚠️Practice leave no trace principles and leave it better than you found it!

Have you hiked the Mist Trail yet? What’s your favorite waterfall in Yosemite?

From @juliatakesahike

24. Beautiful Yosemite np... 🤩

From @prathameshj94

25. Paradise in the desert 🌴

From @t_secody

26. Chasing waterfalls in the middle of the desert?! And it’s free to visit! At Grand Falls in Arizona

From @janelletheslomad

27. The day hike to get the most out of Bryce Canyon!🔥What other trails would you do?

From @destinationhiking

28. Places in the US that make you're on another planet

From @nathanleeallen

29. Here is an amazing view of Mount Rainier National Park in Washington

From @anggeventure

30. Winter in my favorite National park!

From @tylerwayneglass

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