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USA Bucket List And Wonderful Travel Destinations 2024 #7

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1. Winter sunrises in Seattle🥹

From @alberthbyang

2. Orderville Canyon is a tributary of the Narrows in Zion National Park

As you hike up the Narrows, you reach the Orderville fork near where Wall Street begins.

It’s a cool detour and worth exploring. You can only go about 1/4 of a mile up though before reaching a small impassable set of waterfalls. The entirety of Orderville Canyon can be explored from the top down but requires technical climbing skills and equipment and a permit

From @thewildiswaiting

3. Yosemite National park is the winter. If you’re lucky enough to catch a fresh snow storm, it’s one of the most magical places in the world.

From @tylerwayneglass 

4. Winter in Sequoia National Park 🌲❄️

This park is home to the largest trees in the world! The largest tree here is called the “General Sherman Tree” and it’s over 52,000 cubic feet (1,487 cubic meters) 🤯. For years, I’ve been trying to see this place in the winter and it definitely did not disappoint!

From @jakeguzman 

5. Nature over city any day☘️

From @alberthbyang

6. Beautiful & Coolest landscape of Oregon USA

From @jakeguzman

7. 10 Wonders in US to see

From @mattandkarensmith

8. Awaken your sense of wonder in Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park, where majestic cliffs embrace the sky, sequoias stand as ancient sentinels, and meadows whisper tales of serenity

From @ando2chill

9. Beautiful landscape of Washington,USA

✨ The waterfalls in the PNW are some of the most beautiful in the entire world! Here’s some must see waterfalls for 2024!

📍Sahalie Falls, Oregon
📍Toketee Falls, Oregon
📍Multonomah Falls, Oregon
📍Snoqualmie Falls, Washington
📍Myrtle Falls, Washington

From @thenationalparktravelers

10. What is more beautiful than waking up to fresh snow on the porch right outside your bedroom? ☃️❄️🌨️🤍

From @semiahmooretreat

11. What’s your favorite adventure town in the United States?

📍Our recent trip to Bend, Oregon showed us why this may be one of the best places in the US for outdoor lovers. This beautiful town located right in the middle of some of the most incredible landscapes we’ve seen! With year round beauty, this is one of those places you have to have on your bucket list!

🚨 It’s very important to Leave No Trace when visiting the town and trails in the area. As beautiful as Bend is it’s all of our job to help keep it that way for generations to come.

✈️ Come join our journey around the United States giving our best tips and itineraries for your travels!

From @thenationalparktravelers

12. Fall in Colorado is almost here...🍂🍃🍁🌿Are you ready for the gold rush?

From @markonthemove

13. Yosemite Tunnel View 2024 7:25am

From @ando2chill

14. Havasupai will blow your mind…

We had these permits for over 3 years and we finally were able to experience this amazing natural wonder 🥹

From @theloverspassport

15. 7 of my favorite places in Washington State 🤯🌲

From @jakeguzman

16. Mountain moments you’ll never forget 🏔️...

It’s one of the glaciated volcanos of the Cascade Mountains. It looks incredible from a variety of angles, with the Artists Point area being my top pick. There’s nothing better than catching an amazing sunrise or sunset here. Washington State is on another level. 😍

From @ryanresatka

17. What’s on your travel bucket list in 2024?💝

These are 3 of top recommendations : 👇

1. Yosemite National Park. You can truly enjoy the beauty of this place in all seasons. Spring being my fav time to visit due to the snow melt that creates magic in the valley and waterfalls.

2. Colorado. It’s called colorful Colorado for a reason. Truly is a special place in my heart. You can ski in the winter and hike in the summer to those turquoise alpine lakes.

3. Washington state. Having been living here for 8 years I’m def biased to put this one on top of the list. Summer is the best time to visit imo for accessibility to nature!

What’s on your list in 2024?

From @alberthbyang 

18. Beautiful landscape of Sequoia National park 🏞️.

From @markian.b

19. 📍Oregon is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in America!

From @thenationalparktravelers

20. This cave is a must-see in Sedona, but it can be really easy to miss

the best way to find it is to use the AllTrails app and download the trail map ⬇️

📍Soldiers Pass Spur Trail (on AllTrails)
🥾2.8 miles out and back
📈541 ft elevation

🚸 Soldiers Pass is a popular hiking trail in Sedona. for one, it’s a relatively short and easy hike. two, you’ll also get to view the seven sacred pools, devils kitchen sinkhole and of course, the soldiers pass cave. it’s a lot of bang for your buck!

🅿️ parking for this trail is limited, so go early or on a week day. also note that Thursday-Sunday this parking lot is closed and you will need to take the Sedona shuttle to the trailhead. another option would be to park at the Brins Mesa Trailhead. from here you can also access Soldiers Pass Trail by taking the Cibola Pass and Jordan Trail.

🏜️Secret Mountain Wilderness charges a fee to enter. you will need to purchase a Red Rock Pass per vehicle, at either a daily or weekly rate. dogs are welcome but must be kept on a leash.

♻️ always pick up after yourself and be mindful of other visitors. do not carve into cave walls or graffiti. please treat these places with respect!

From @jess.kesti96

21. It’s that time of the year when the sun lines up with keyhole and lasts for couple of weeks 🔥

From @markian.b

22. Sunrise in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.☀️🌄

From @lukekellytravels

23. Bridalveil Fall from Old Inspiration Point

“The rainbow has 7 colors and is a symbol of God’s promises.”

From @ando2chill

24. ⬇️ What’s your favorite stop along the PCH?!

This is one of our all time favorite drives! We started in San Francisco and ended in Santa Barbara as we only had a weekend to explore. You can spend so much time along this route and see more than you can imagine!

✨ Add a roadtrip along the Pacific Coast Highway to your 2024 travel plans!

From @thenationalparktravelers

25. They’re not just trees… they’re the tallest trees.🌲

From @tylerwayneglass

26. Shoshone Falls, is known as “The Niagara of the West” and during its peak season can reach flows upwards of 20,000 cubic feet per second! 🤯🌊

From @jakeguzman

27. Beautiful landscape of Yosemite National park 🏞️

From @ando2chill

28. Fall in Washington 🍂🏔️. Have you ever been?

From @jakeguzman

29. I’m ready for some winter wonderland, you? At Sequoia National Park, California

From @mblockk

30. One of the best things about hiking in the National Parks is checking out and photographing the alpine lakes

Washington for sure has some of the most spectacular in the lower forty-eight.

Mount Rainier NP: Tipsoo
North Cascades: Diablo, Ann (not technically in the park), Doubtful

Always LNT when exploring our public lands and these lakes🏔

From @lukekellytravels

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