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USA Bucket List And Wonderful Travel Destinations 2024 #8

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2. Snow covered Bryce Canyon at sunrise 🌄 🙌🏻

The frigid mornings here in the winter are always worth it for some of the most incredible sunrises. This morning was just above 0 degrees Fahrenheit but worth every second.

From @jj.trailwalker

3. One of the most beautiful places 🥹.

From @theloverspassport

4. Rainy days in Olympic NP, Oregon 🌲🌧️

From @jakeguzman

5. Spent a week in one of the most beautiful places in America. have you ever been to Glacier National Park in the summer? 🌄

From @austinpedersen__


8. Beautiful landscape of Yosemite Valley.

From @ando2chill

9. If you’re planning a West Coast road trip for next year, save these for three of the most beautiful roads to take

I really enjoyed cruising each of them on our way to the mountains.

1. Sunrise Road, Mount Rainier National Park, Washington: A super scenic drive leading up to the Sunrise Visitor Center in Mount Rainier National Park. The road features a historic turn-off at Sunrise Park, where you can get 360-degree views of Rainier, the surrounding Cascades, and other volcanoes like Adams on a clear day. Open seasonally.

2. Cascade Lakes Scenic Byway, Oregon: It’s been called Oregon’s “Highway in the Sky,” and runs for 66 rugged miles through Deschutes and Klamath counties on the east side of the Cascade Range. There are tons of opportunities to pull off and hike the surrounding peaks and alpine lakes up there. Definitely one of my favorite drives in the US.

3. Benton Crossing Road, Eastern Sierra, California: Also sometimes called Benton Pass Road, it connects Mammoth with Benton Hot Springs. It’s popular for cycling and running, but also makes for an awesome spot to stop and take photos. You get some spectacular up-close views of the Eastern Sierra summits, as well as some good views of the north shore of Lake Crowley and the Owens River. I especially like to drive this road at sunrise and sunset, when the light is at its best. I’ve driven it in the summer and winter, and it was awesome both times.

From @lukekellytravels 

10. One of the most beautiful hikes in the Grand Canyon!

📍South Kaibab to Cedar Ridge
•3.1 miles roundtrip
•Moderate difficulty
•Passes famous Ooh Aah point.
•Can continue to Skeleton Point.
With all the popular lookout viewpoints in the Grand Canyon, it’s best to venture out and hike some of the many trails in the area if you’re looking to beat some crowds!

From @thenationalparktravelers

11. What’s your favorite adventure town in the United States?

📍Our recent trip to Bend, Oregon showed us why this may be one of the best places in the US for outdoor lovers. This beautiful town located right in the middle of some of the most incredible landscapes we’ve seen! With year round beauty, this is one of those places you have to have on your bucket list!

🚨 It’s very important to Leave No Trace when visiting the town and trails in the area. As beautiful as Bend is it’s all of our job to help keep it that way for generations to come. #roambetterbend

✈️ Come join our journey around the United States giving our best tips and itineraries for your travels!

From @thenationalparktravelers

12. This section of Bryce is called Queen's garden 🏡.

From @thewildiswaiting

13. High Steel Bridge, towers 375 feet above the Skokomish River in Washington State

It's considered to be one of the tallest bridges in America!

Are you scared of heights?

From @jakeguzman

14. Washington’s most beautiful autumn hike 🍂

From @kylekotajarvi

15. The Oregon Coast just blew my mind with its beautiful scenery!!

From alfredotapia909

16. I finally got to visit the Natural Bridges in Oregon. Truly an amazing place, and had it all to myself

There is a subtle trail that'll take you down to the bridge. There are no signs to mark it and it's easy to miss. Be prepared to go over and under obstacles, and through some risky parts. When I finally got to the bridge, the height got the best of me, and I had to sit down to get the drone footage.

So glad I got to mark this off my bucket list

From lfredotapia909

17. Fingerprints of the Younger Dryas

From @thewildiswaiting

18. Golden evenings in the North Cascades ❄️🌄

From @jakeguzman

19. Wandering around Grand Canyon with my horse

I think one of the scariest things about today (even more than all the mini monsters running around the streets committing candy robberies) is how fast time is flying

From @greengoldandblues

20. I will never get over how beautiful and diverse the U.S. is, with some of the most unique and bizarre landscapes on the planet.

From @nathanleeallen

21. Morning light in flooded Yosemite National park 🏞️

From @codyconk

22. First light on the trails of Bryce Canyon. This trail starts at Sunrise Point and descends to the Queen’s Garden.🎍

From @thewildiswaiting

23. Two years of adventures in this amazing state… and this is just the beginning 🍁🍂.

From  @colorado.wanderer

24. The ancient colors of our planet on full display at Hengifoss in northeast 🤯.

It’s truly quite the spectacle to see the red layers of volcanic rock and clay canvassing the walls behind this massive waterfall. A must visit that’s a bit more off the beaten path.

From @kylekotajarvi

25. The most popular larch hike in Golden fall morning in the North Cascades🍂

I've done this hikes 4 times now this was probably the best conditions I've seen from up there. Are you ready to get out and see some golden larches while they last?

Note: This trail isn’t in the National park boundary so dogs are allowed 🐶

From  @alberthbyang

26. Angels landing is considered to be one of the deadliest hikes in the United States. 🤯🏜️

Would you climb this?

To reach the summit of the mountain, you must cross a skinny land-bridge with a 1000ft drop on both sides of you. The only guidance is a small metal chain.

From @jakeguzman

27. Send this to someone who would hike this with you! At Moro Rock, Sequoia National Park

📍Located in Sequoia National Park, Moro Rock is a beautiful hike that takes you up 380 steps to be exact. These steps were carved into the side of a massive granite dome overlooking 360 degree views of the beautiful area below.

🌅 Sunset here is a must for your next trip to Sequoia!

🚨 As of right now, many parts of Sequoia National Park are closed due to weather and most likely won’t reopen before Memorial Day. This includes Moro Rock. Always check the National Park website prior to visiting!

Who’s got this on their bucket list for when Sequoia National Park reopens?!

From @thenationalparktravelers

28. Beautiful view have you ever been there?🤩

From @travel_sehnsucht

29. What an epic experience 😮‍💨🏞️

This hike is not for everyone, especially if you are afraid of heights. The elevation gain is over 5,300 feet and the distance is 16.5 miles. Be sure to start early and bring plenty of water. This hike will take you between 6 and 10 hours to complete.

From @natyexplora

30. Which view is your favorite? Tag your adventure buddy! Locations below👇

1. Index, Washington
2. Mount Rainier National Park
3. Alpine Lakes Wilderness
4. Mount Baker National Forest
5. North Cascades

From @alberthbyang

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